ConQUEST boasts an interactive, interesting, detailed world. On your path for ConQUEST, you will make many friends and even more enemies, both other players and NPCs, which will later come back to pose interesting possibilities and problems for you. Right now ConQUEST features its main city, Moonhaven, where adventurers can explore and interact with residents. In the coming months, work will begin on “outland”, where players can make their own mark on the world. Set up a trading post, build your own city, raid caravans, or delve dungeons — it’s all planned! Currently, ConQUEST offers:

* interactive combat system; emphasis on planning and coordination
* challenging fights; each NPC has their own AI, optimized to their skills
* classless advancement; pick and choose from over 300 unique skills!
* interactive NPCs; learn about the game by talking to NPCs and doing quests

ConQUEST is currently in playtest mode. Feel free to drop by and see what the world has to offer. Feedback is graciously welcomed; suggestions will be evaluated for incorporation into future iterations of the mud.