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Masashi Kishimoto created the manga and anime Naruto, based on a young ninja called Naruto who had a 9-tailed demon fox trapped inside him. World of Naruto brings that world to life, so that you can be a part of that world.

You join one of 5 main villages or 3 lesser villages and one of over 50 total clans with a choice of 4 specialties (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Ninja Arts). You begin being trained by Kakashi and Gai, then go through the Ninja Academy where Kurenai, Anko and Asuma guide you on your way, before you meet Iruka on the way out and can be healed by Shizune, before graduating from the Ninja Academy and embarking out onto the world, using your own jutsus. At level 10 you can do the Genin Exams, doing jutsus in front of an examiner until you can do them perfectly, answering questions about the Naruto series, before the tricky bells test. Also at level 10 you can choose from 4 blood summons, Tsunade's healing slugs, Orochimaru's serpents, Kakashi's hounds or Jiraiya's toads, who you can then summon at will to do your bidding, with a variety of their own skills. At level 20 you can attempt our Chuunin Exams, where you try to work through the Forest of Death to find a Heaven and Hell scroll to enter the Temple. At level 50 you can attempt our Tokubetsu Jounin Exams, where you must defeat 3 illusory NPC's - Itachi, Madara and Hashirama, each with their own unique attacking styles. At level 100 you can attempt the Jounin Exams, where you must kill Pein himself, traversing through Pein's Dimension, through mazes, portals, and trickery everywhere, to get there. Finally, at level 201, you can try to kill True Pain for the immortality jutsu, find yourself an appropriate body, and start all over again.

We offer 7 guilds, all genuine guilds within Naruto, optional player killing, missing nins, leadership positions, player-run missions, channels and anki points for every village, clan and guild, and for many other uses, 2 types of auto missions plus several other types, and much, much more.

We are still less than 1/5th of the way towards creating our vision, but even now we have a steady player base, up to 10-15 players on at once at peak hours, and are comfortably the most popular and best Naruto-themed MUD in the world, getting bigger, better, and more popular every day.

Come join us, and remember to obey our rule number 1: Have fun!