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In the beginning there was darkness…

And then, with a booming clap of Thunder, a majestic city was born.
The city, named Prophecy by oracles from a distant land because of the
vision they witnessed upon its creation, would grow to be the crown
jewel of the region. But in its youth, Prophecy was ruled by Chaos,
Lust, and Fury.
The inhabitants of Prophecy were as varied as the stars in the
night sky. Men and women from every race, creed, and class, flocked to
the city in an attempt to fulfill the Prophecy. The Prophecy states
that one day, a mortal would arrive within the gates of the city and
after drawing incredible power from the land, ascent to godlike
status. The Prophecy states that the mortal, in their new infinite
wisdom, would rule along side the deities of the land and prosperity
would reign over the realm. But then darkness would consume the mortal
and they would rage a bloody war against the pantheon of the realm.
The Prophecy states that only after a long and bloody war would the
chosen one rise above the deities ruling the land and thus fulfill
the Prophecy.
Some choose the path of the murderer, hunting others and consuming
their life essence. Others decided to gain their glory through hunting
and slaying the many creatures that inhabit the furthest corners of
Prophecy. Over the years, much blood has been spilled as thousands of
worthy adventurers have inhabited Prophecy attempting to seize the
power that lies beneath her surface. Some historians claim the oracles
were mistaken and that the Prophecy is merely a hoax designed to fill
the city of Prophecy. But, my friends, I was there when they fled from
the city in madness because the power had eluded them. I, myself,
could taste the power on many occasions. But time has taken its toll
on me and I must abandon my quest to fulfill the Prophecy.
Do you have what it takes to fulfill the Prophecy?
Are you the chosen one?
There is only one way to find out.

The Prophecy awaits…