ASM; Miami by Night is a heavily immersive role-play game set in a modern World of Darkness theme in Miami, Florida. We feature Vampire; the Masquerade, Hunter; the Reckoning and Werewolf; the Apocalypse in as close to a true-to-life tabletop gaming environment as we can manage. We have no mobs to kill, no quests to run, and absolutely no socials of any kind.

Miami by Night calls for great effort in role-play – to prevent any surprises for new players, an average pose (pose is our version of the emote command) is generally a four to six sentence paragraph. Some do a little more, some do a little less. Quantity is never as appreciated as quality, however – we don't ask for perfection, just effort.

We feature the more comfortable MUD-style commands with the role-play niceties of a MUSH, and have frequent code revisions and changes to smooth any bumps in the system. Combat is run almost solely by players, though there is a full Staff in place to mediate where requested.

Come give us a try – we'd be glad to help you get to know the game.