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Temporal Rifts offers 300 hundred mortal levels as well as a
multiclass system. New ideas and tweaks to existing elements are
implemented frequently.

Temporal Rift allows NPK/PK/PK loot by player choice. Frequent
immortal-run quests are also offered. An automated quest system
is also available, creating the opportunity to save points for
some of the best equipment in the game. Tokens can be traded
with other players using a coded trade system.

If you are looking for a great social atmosphere with a friendly
environment, interesting conversation, diverse game play, RP and
just a fun place to mud, give us a try.

-Expanded race/class options
-Corpseless "death" system
-Fun (some would say addictive) gambling options
-Player home purchase system
-Automated quest areas
-Tradeskills that allow players to create customized equipment
-Many other fun and unique features that keep even our level
300 players coming back