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Established in 1996, Aardwolf has grown to be a highly popular MUD with
hundreds of players online at a time. Aardwolf is more than a game -
it's a community. Many players have been around for years, not only due
to the "family" atmosphere, but because Aardwolf has a dedicated team of
administrators and an amazing leader who is constantly bringing new
features to the MUD. In addition, it offers over thirty player-run clans,
focusing on everything from art and poetry, to player-killing, to
assisting newbies. Aardwolf is extremely newbie-friendly, with a special
starting area designed to introduce players to the basic commands and
features, a channel dedicated completely to new players, and a team of
player "Helpers" to answer questions.

Aardwolf features a real time line-of-sight overhead map, a detailed
class system (with specializations in each guild), hundreds of areas
to explore and an extensive Lua-based scripting system which allows
player-builders to create unique challenges. Players can focus on
different stats depending on playing style - for combat, enchanting, clan
defense, PK, or even exploration. Players can earn quest and trivia
points, and exchange them for special items - the points can be obtained
through automated quests and campaigns, competitive global quests, area
puzzles, or even Immortal-run trivia games. Hundreds of optional
story-line puzzles exist within the world, with prizes ranging from
special items to gold to raw experience points. For those who need blood,
Aardwolf has wars, private duels, and free-for-all rooms. Aardwolf also
has dozens of channels available, where players can engage in game-related
or completely random topics. Aardwolf's numerous features are really too
many to fully list here - in addition to the above, the Aardwolf community
has poker, lasertag arenas, blackjack tables, florists, and much more.