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Welcome to Unicorn Valley, a wonderous land for brave and daring adventurers. Amongst the population here one will find elves, dwarves, sprites, halflings, half-elves, nereids, and humans living in relative peace with svirfneblin, drow, lupine, tabaxi, and dragonkin to name just a few. These wonderous races have many different abilities amongst them, including magic, thievery, and weaponmastery.

Once living here and growing up, the populace has a chance to enter mystical orders and clans. These highly specialized groups tend to help others as well as themselves. They have individual quests as well as major tasks like ridding the world of dangerous beasties.

As adventurers explore the world, it seems to keep getting larger as new vistas are discovered frequently. While just recently discovered itself, the Valley continues to expand, to the horror of the poor Cartographer who must then go out and discover how to get to the new places so that the inexperienced do not get lost.