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Avalon: The First Age has been around, roughly, since 1999. As it is not a MUD for everyone, it is definitely a classic in my opinion. It differs from a lot of other text-based games out there in its style and it more certainly has a unique and new warfare system that has been implemented recently by the Gods.

Let me tell you a little about Avalon: The First Age. There are three main cities. Thakria, the evil city of Miracles. Mercinae, the city of light. And Parrius, the old pirate stronghold. At current, there are 18 guilds, some of which share the same profession, that are spread throughout Avalon, some in the cities.:

Guilds that hold the Knight profession:
Knights - Mercinae
Warriors - Parrius
Cavaliers - Thakria

Guilds that hold the Mage profession:
Mages - Mercinae
Enchanters - Parrius

Guilds that hold the Sorcerer profession:
Sorcerers - Thakria

Guilds that hold the Thief profession:
Thieves - Thakria
Brigands - Grey Forest

Guilds that hold the Ranger profession:
Rangers - Greenwood Forest

Guilds that hold the Seer profession:
Mystics - Mercinae
Astrologers - Parrius
Seers - Thakria

Guilds that hold the Loremaster profession:
Alchemists - Mercinae
Artisans - Parrius
Loremasters - Thakria

Guilds that hold the Druid profession:
Animists - Northern Greenwood Forest

Guilds that hold the Bard profession:
Bards - Mercinae
Minstrels - Thakria

Each city has its own politics. There tend to be three Barons elected to the leadership of each city. The Barons are responsible for running the city as well as welcoming new citizens.

There are Divine Orders in which players may join. It is somewhat player-ran in the higher ranks. However the God of the Order has, of course, the utmost power. The High-Priest/High-Priestess and/or the Chosen One have decent powers within the Order as well.

The Gods are very much apart of the realm, and should be respected above all. The Divine Pantheon do no live under mortal law.

Each player has a chance to ascend to Divine ranks via taking part in the Divine Gem Quests.

Avalon: The First Age has a custom codebase, making it completely and utterly original.

This game is pay to play, with a trial period. However, if you come to enjoy the game but are unable to pay, speak to a God and they may be able to help you.

Please visit the site at The Finest Online Role Playing Game: Avalon

If you are using a client such as ZMUD, you can login to First Age by using:

Port: 23