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Legends of Old has just started and is currently needing builders and designers of areas. We are in beta stage and will most likely be that way for quite awhile. We are using a heavily modified SmaugFUSS 1.8 codebase that has many new features added into it.

My goal is to have a mud that has features from WoW and other muds that I have played/coded on in the past to create one epic mud that many can enjoy. Some features of our code:

Unique spell system (Discussing this at the moment whether we want mana or not)
- No mana
- Have to memorize spells

Quest chain system
- Like World of Warcraft, we have quest chains that can lead to other areas or other mobs within the area for rewards and money. If you log into the mud, you can check out the first 8 quests using the task system to test the powerful quest engine.

Socketed items
- As players progress through the game, they will gain socketed items that can enhance their items using gems.

We will eventually have instances of 5, 10, and maybe 25 man later on down the road. We will have nations/kingdoms against each other and hope to have a unique army system where players can donate to their kingdoms and gain army units for epic battles with other nations. Professions will be in game as well so players will be able to craft items, mine for minerals, and pick herbs for alchemy.

Please register with our website and pm me if you would like to join the staff. As of right now, it is just me and I spend most of my time coding and haven't been able to start building just yet.

The mud itself will be fantasy medieval setting with your regular dnd classes (although the spells/skills will mostly be original). More classes will be made and unique spells will be made for each class as time goes on.

Our first few projects will focus on minor starting areas and then as we get those in we'll start to tackle the bigger areas eventually leading into creating the instance areas with tiered gear and such.

Since we will be in beta testing for a long time, as long as you make progress on your areas, there are no time constraints to your area. I know perfection takes time. Plus if you are new you will need time to gain the knowledge needed for progs and making your area come to life, so I do not want to put stipulations on time commitments. We have our everyday lives.

So if you want a laid back atmosphere then please visit my site and pm me if you would like a chance to build on the mud.

Thanks for reading through this,