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Children of Aranythera is a newbie friend mud, just starting
fresh with a great story line! What will you make of it? Will
you be evil and wreak havoc to the five main cities or will
you help bring peace to Children of Aranythera. Our story starts
out a long time ago…

Six children surround there father, the King on his death bed, all
wanting his kingdom for there own reasons. When one is chosen the
others are sent off to start there own kingdom, one of them is
never seen again, his believed deathplace becoming a shrine to
gods both feared and loved, the others set out to make cities
with there personalality inlayed in every stone, grown in every
tree, until they become large powerhouses on there own accord.
Centuries later that story is only legend, but there are still
five cities who fight for dominance using political, economical
and social means. They fight much the way of there ancestors,
the way of The Children of Aranythera!

Also, since we are new, you guessed it, we are currently hiring
builders, and all immortal positions. Please stop by and put in
an application. Hope to see you soon.

***UPDATE*** We are closed to player testing ***UPDATE***
***UPDATE*** Highering Builders ***UPDATE***