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God Wars II is a fast and furious PK mud, designed to test player skill in terms of pre-battle preparation and on-the-spot reflexes, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. Take on the role of a godlike supernatural being in a fight for supremacy.

About your character:

  • Three types of character creation, allowing great freedom for customisation.

  • Levelless advancement through stats, skills, styles, talents and powers.

  • Over a hundred and fifty talents, each granting specialised character options.

  • Over a hundred unique powers divided among the six supernatural classes.

  • Redesign your character whenever you like - only your name and class is fixed.

  • About the world:

  • Roomless coordinate-based world with weather, tides, flowing rivers, etc.

  • Dynamically generated object and world descriptions, updated on-the-fly.

  • Three scales of ASCII map for the world, and another for weather patterns.

  • Alternative planes of existence, each a distorted mirror of the main world.

  • Each player has their own home plane, which can be terraformed as desired.

  • About the combat:

  • Unique combat system requiring simultaneous control of 4-6 body locations.

  • Over twelve thousand fighting techniques, divided among dozens of combat tables.

  • Each weapon type has its own unique list of fighting moves and combinations.

  • Different types of wound, each of which impacts the victim in various ways.

  • Unique spell system designed to be fully compatible with the combat system.

  • About equipment:

  • Object Oriented design: All items (and small mobs) are potential weapons.

  • Clothing and armour is layered, and each piece can cover multiple locations.

  • Randomly generated magical items, with different bonuses for each item type.

  • Numerous ways to craft and customise your weapons, armour and equipment.

  • Epic items: Powerful unique items, with bonuses that players can fully customise.

  • About exploration:

  • Earn rewards for exploring, and unlock quests as you discover new areas.

  • Various one-shot quests that give generous rewards for difficult challenges.

  • Randomly generated dungeons, with rewards for killing the boss monsters.

  • Hundreds of different monsters, each with unique skills and tactics.

  • Maps which can be deciphered, providing an alternative to grind-advancement.

  • Other features:

  • Different types of pet that can be trained up, equipped, and issued orders.

  • Shapechanging powers, including a fully customisable form for demons.

  • Boost point system which rewards casual play and makes botting less viable.

  • The popular WAR mini-game; command your worshippers to destroy the heathens!

  • Lock-picking puzzle system based completely on player skill.