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Aeon of Darkness is a FREE text based roleplaying game (RPG) - a MUD or Multi User Dimension, or Multi User Dungeon - that you play online with many other players in a multidimensional interactive environment. Join this online community and spend time having fun by chatting with friends, killing monsters, going on quests, join or found a clan order or faction, found your own city, build a citadel (castle), challenging your friends to a duel, casting magic spells, and much more!

Aeon of Darkness offers much more than most MUDs. Programmed by a young professional, this MUD has many unique and powerful features, optimized to work at peak efficiency. No more simple slaying of monsters, there is much more to do! Aeon of Darkness is not just a role-playing game, but a roleplaying experience. An in-depth storyline builds the foundations for an entire planetary conflict as the Shadowkhan emerge and an Aeon of Darkness arrives. Fight for the good of civilization or follow the path of the ninja-like shadowkhan in search for ultimate power. Join us, in an Aeon of Darkness you'll never forget.