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What you have here is a classic. WileyMUD III is a cleaned up
release of the mud that ran at WMU for several years back in
1992, and then again briefly in 1995.

You will find a pretty well balanced game, using traditional
AD&D second edition rules. You'll find multi-classing. You'll
find mobs that are somewhat more clever than usual. You'll also
find an entire world, all original, and over 3000 rooms in size.

You won't find lots of flashy ANSI colours, nor will you find
Ub3r-D3tH Swordz that do 9999 points of damage. You won't find
a cuddly mud school to wipe the noses of players who are used
to being immortal inside of a week.

I've had this game up and running for my own testing purposes
for quite a while, and occasionally see someone drop by. So,
I figured why not see if anyone out there wants to actually
play the game?

You won't find any immortals on, but if people really do start
playing, I might just see about getting a few to mind the store.

-Dread Quixadhal.