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Since 2000 The Builder Academy has been training new builders and developing
the CircleMUD codebase, Oasis OLC, and trigedit. After years of stock
CircleMUD stagnation TBA offered to take over stock CircleMUD development
several times. TBA unofficially released CircleMUD 3.5 in 2006 and later
released the codebase under the name tbaMUD. TbaMUD is holding true to the
original CircleMUD vision with a few additions. The largest difference is the
inclusion of Oasis OLC, trigedit, in-depth tutorials, help files, and examples.
TBA will continue development and is always open to feedback and
recommendations from the MUDding community. TBA is foremost a MUDding resource
with the goal of improving the MUDding community.

The tbaMUD vision:
TbaMUD's vision is to provide the MUDding community a stable and functional
codebase that includes an in-depth World and help files that makes it ready to
be molded into a custom MUD by its coders and builders. We also provide
multiple resources to allow for feedback, contribution, and the sharing of
ideas within the MUDding community to ensure constant development and
TbaMUD is highly developed from the programming side, but highly UNdeveloped
on the game-playing side. So, if you're looking for a huge MUD with billions of
spells, skills, classes, and races, tbaMUD will disappoint you. TbaMUD still
has only the 4 original Diku classes, the original spells, and the original
skills. On the other hand, if you're looking for a highly stable, developed,
organized, and well documented "blank slate" MUD on which you can put your OWN
ideas for spells, skills, and classes, then tbaMUD is what what you are looking