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J. Sebek's Clandestine MUD has been 100% Free since its opening in 1997. Clandestine's primary focus is to create a fun environment that can appeal to any RPGer. To this end, we offer:

- The most beautiful text-mmorpg asthetics in original color coding, descriptions, combat gameplay, channels, and more. Simply put, playing Clandestine is as easy on the eye as it gets. Infact, we have an extra-ordinary number of legally blind players who are still able to enjoy Clandestine because of the care we have taken with our asthetics.

- Clandestine supports and promotes two new MUDing Clients; the small, sleek, fast, and travel-sized "cMUD", and the long-waited free MUSH Client and zMUD alternative, "wxMUD".

- Clandestine's completely original world offers secrets, puzzles, and Boss fights that challenge a player's brain and not just his stats. Clandestine's world has given off-shoots to single player graphical RPGs, fan-games, fan-fiction, and fan-music.

- Clandestine offers you the option to player-kill. Our combat is centered around a dozen player-run religions, and the group combat is challenging, competitive, large-scale, unique, and fun. If you want to join a religious cause, but would rather stick to roleplaying, the religious Priest-Sects are given charge over interviewing new members and various roleplayed rituals and events.

- Clandestine offers player-created homes, Castles, towns, and more to aid roleplay. While roleplay is not mandatory, those who seek RPI quality roleplay are free to create their own private worlds and even join the RP-Only Continent on Clandestine.

- Clandestine offers code and gameplay options never seen on other MUDs. From over a dozen in-depth minigames(from freeze-tag, to jousting, to casinos, to Bloodbaths) to an original Blacksmithing system, original Spellcrafting system(breaking down elements from spells to create new spells), Fusion(combining multiple player-characters into a more powerful character controlled by both players), a completely original and complex Questing system, Animal Empathy, Spirit Enslavement, Soulwalking, Alchemy, Chemistry, Channeler Pocket Dimensions and Mazes, and more… Clandestine has so many toys, you will never find yourself finished with the game.

What? Haven't heard enough yet? You'll have to play to find out the rest. A 2500 character limit barely allows for us to scratch the surface of the World of Clandestine. So stop reading, and come see what the buzz is about.