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Altoria MUD is your World!

RolePlay is the most important thing in our MUD. Forget your real life! Since you connected to Altoria you are not a farmers, students, workers, etc. Now you are Humans Fighters, Elves Druids and etc.

Now Altoria is your home.

If you pk another player or player kill them you must have a valid, roleplay reason. There are exceptions for Assassins however, read help assassin.

Original story!
Voiting system!!
Full clan support, including politics, alliances, and automated membership management!!!
Quest system!!!!
You can buy your own house!!!!!
You can be sick and you can own a child!!!!!!
7 base classes, 38 subclasses, 6 player races, and over 1200 spells, prayers, songs, skills, and abilities!!!!!!!
Over 700 socials!!!!!!!!

This and much more…