14 Sep, Skol wrote in the 1st comment:
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I remember a mud called 'Autumn Twilight' back some 20 years or so.
When you entered a room from outside if it was raining, the wind/water would follow you in. Or snow drifts, or warm breeze etc.

Has anyone done much with Diku-line weather programming?
I know it's mainly 'nuance' stuff, but I'd like to look into it and seeing if someone built the car yet before I start carving out a wheel or 4 :).

25 Sep, Davion wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Hey Skol! Thanks for keeping things going!

As cool as this sounds I'm really interested to see how a MUD can integrate an AI.

KaVir probably got closer to anyone to auto-generating room descriptions but I think now is the time to take to to the next level. I'm contemplating spending some time with PYOM to get something visible. It'd be even super cool to have an AI assistant while playing a MUD.

Maybe a weather pattern designed and maintained by some form of machine learning.