27 Nov, 2010, syriac wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello fellow MUDders. I'm here to tell you about a MUD I've been playing for the past 10 years and has existed for the past 15+ - The Final Challenge.

TFC is easily one of the most amazing MUDs, I've ever seen - and I have seen tons! Its the MUD that sparked a 10 year obsession with text based games for me and has become a huge part of my life and hundreds of others. The player base has shrunk down in the past few years but many of us have been around a long time and know each other all very well. We're a good group of people and we're always welcoming new players too.

TFC is merc based but you'd hardly be able to tell it by the look and feel of it. It boasts so many features I could be writing forever to tell them all but the key ones many people have come for and stayed because of have to be the multiclass system which allows you to have up to 3 classes, the god based follower system (similiar to guilds/clans at other places), the flawlessly executed random item generation, over 10,000 rooms to explore, 15 years of history, very well balanced classes and races, excellent PK system and hundreds of other gems!

TFC is not your normal mud, it lives up to its name as "The Final Challenge" - to level up, it will take time, and skill - skills you will learn with time and with help of veteran players. The road is tough one but is paved with hundreds of hours of enjoyment that so many people have also enjoyed for so many years. If you've never been here, then you're missing out - and if you've been and you've left for one reason or another, perhaps its time to come back! You are missed!

finalchallenge.net port 4000

Lycron (Ryan Kenward)