17 Nov, 2010, SeloraEV wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hi I am Selora, an Immortal on the mud Eternal Visions.

We are currently looking for new players, we are a circle mud and have a completely original world and unique story line. We offer a simple character creation. Once you are in the game we try to help our new players as much as we can (and the older players). We look forward to seeing you and hope that you will find a home with eternal visions.

We are also looking for new builders, we are a circle mud and have a completely original world. If you have unique ideas for areas that you would like to try then please give us a try. We are open to new ideas as long as they fit in the world (ie, no attacking robots or anything). Even if you don't have unique ideas and you just want to build mobs or rooms or objects, well we have a space for you too.

Ever want to be one of the immortals on a mud? We have openings and would like to fill them with some wonderful people. The job includes… Roleplaying with the mortals, Building, Answering questions from the mortals, Helping newbies, Find and fix errors/bugs, and Currently we do like for our immortals to be online at least 7 hours a week. If you are even mildly interested then please come visit the mud, or send an email to the staff and we would love to set up a time to meet you.

Here is our website with our current mud connect information and some information regarding the world.