21 Mar, 2010, Atolmasoff wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hi there,
As the post title and description lead on, I am creating a MUD. It is going be based around the world Final Fantasy. No game specifically, but I'm planning on basing most of the gameplay (Code based enhancements), around several games from the Series. (In American Numbers, Not Japanese) FF1, FF2, FF3, FF7.

Obviously, this is just my initial decision, which leads me my point.

I'm looking for some people with the desire to create an enjoyable Final Fantasy MUD. Not to say there aren't some out there already. :) I want the world to be based on a storyline. You will essentially be playing a Final Fantasy game, online. Your party members will be the other players online.

Not everything is storyline based, but I'm hoping this will avoid the grind of endlessly killing random NPCs as you level. This will help push people along in a cetain direction, also restricting some from grouping. (This is also how I plan on incorporating individual Skiffs, Ships and Airships.

PvP will be a very big part of the game, but by no means the focus. PKing will be possible, but only after meeting a list of restrictions and requirements.

My world is going to be completely original. Two automap features will be used, for the sake of 'in-town' maps (3x3 Room Grid), and a World Map map. (X by Y map, allowing more of a Map look for the overworld)

I'm looking for anyone. Be you a builder, coder or just a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series, this place will be for you. Imaginative minds is what I'm seeking, not MUD experience. HOWEVER! This is a part time hobby for me. I have a full time job, and a rather active social life, but this is not to say I am never on. I'm not looking for anything more from anyone else. That being said, I am looking for an experienced programmer. Not to be my slave or code monkey, but my co-owner and partner. I do not concider myself a guru of the C language, but I do concider myself more than capable of acheiving most of the things I try to do, code wise, so you will not be doing all of the work.

Assisting with larger systems (Creating unique limit break systems, blitz systems, etc.), class creation and helping with the implementation of all the skills and spells. Tedious stuff sometimes, I know, but it has to be done! :)

If any of this interests you, please feel free to E-Mail me at atolmasoff87@gmail.com or you can reach me via AIM (Not always on), at AndrewTolmasoff.

The MUD is in it's early stages, so do not expect to log into the game, welcomed by hundreds of bells and whistles.

Features currently in progress:
- City Automap
- Midboss's Random Item Generator
- Limit System
- Materia (OR Esper) system, haven't decided yet.
- Turn Based Combat System
- Random Encounters based on World Map location (Or current area)

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Andrew Tolmasoff
vermaxhosting.com 8039
21 Mar, 2010, Runter wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Bump for a solid project.

I've crossed paths with Andrew over the years and I can vouch that he doesn't do fly-by-night operations.
21 Mar, 2010, Malek Kervanes wrote in the 3rd comment:
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i just tried to log on, but it crashed as soon as i got through the character creation process.

or at least kicked me off, and won't let me connect to it again.
21 Mar, 2010, Zeno wrote in the 4th comment:
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Any reason you decided to use Rom?
21 Mar, 2010, Lyanic wrote in the 5th comment:
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Zeno said:
Any reason you decided to use Rom?

Don't you know that every Final Fantasy based MUD has to be in ROM? It's a law…
21 Mar, 2010, Runter wrote in the 6th comment:
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Lyanic said:
Zeno said:
Any reason you decided to use Rom?

Don't you know that every Final Fantasy based MUD has to be in ROM? It's a law…

It's a lawl.
22 Mar, 2010, Atolmasoff wrote in the 7th comment:
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My apologies for not responding sooner. Grew up using Mudconnect.com, I sometimes forget its almost dead. :)

Yes, the MUD was having some issues with the server I was using, and I didn't really leave it in a good state for people to log into. Again, my apologies.

I chose to use ROM, mostly for the reason it's the code I grew up using, and I feel there isn't much you can't do to one. It's the code base I'm most familiar with, and have been using it (Or a close derivative of) since I started programming.

I've re-located it to a Virtual Private Server supplied by a most generous donor. The address is now

So far, I've already gotten a few things installed.

Fight system is at least a good way complete. (As far as turns and whatnot go ;) )
Added Fat Chocobos - You may store items with the Fat chocobo (Through login and logout), but each visit, he will require you feed him

It's not much yet, but I've also been building areas on my 'bored time'

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you, if interested. :)

Also, I'm not sure if I included this in my original post, but maybe this might peak an interest or two. I've seen it done, but I have no background experience in anything of this sort, unfortunately. I'm hoping that I can include sound, music and minimal graphic files along with the MUD. Be it a custom Mud client I hire a freelancer to make or something, or working with a current client (cMUD, zMUD, Mud Master, etc.), or a standalone program, much like the one Ivalice (Another great FF MUD) hosts on their website. Icons for Equipment, Characters, and Monsters (Possibly), gives some form of visual stimulation, along with the enhanced effect from the audio. This isn't something I want to happen, but this is something I am going to Make happen, some how. :) If anything, I feel that that will at least turn some heads, that would otherwise start straight at one of the many crappy MMO ruining MUDs. :P
27 Mar, 2010, Atolmasoff wrote in the 8th comment:
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Greetings again. The MUD is now up on a stable, dedicated server. mudkingdom.com port 8000. I apologize for all the address changes, truly makes me look like a newbie administrator, but I am unfortunately low on money myself, especially for a MUD host. This one will be the new permanent server.

Also, please drop by. Several fantastic ideas have been thrown around. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so log on or contact me, and I'll fill you in!
27 Mar, 2010, Lyanic wrote in the 9th comment:
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I logged on, but couldn't figure out anywhere to go or anything to do. Unfortunately, I also couldn't see anyone else on and there was no response on gossip channel. :sad:
27 Mar, 2010, Atolmasoff wrote in the 10th comment:
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My apologies Lyanic. It's just that all stock areas have been removed, and not much has been implemented for the player yet. I'm going to make it so you can at least visit the world map, and a few areas, possibly demonstrating features currently implemented. Sorry it's not much to look at yet. :)
29 Mar, 2010, Atolmasoff wrote in the 11th comment:
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Town and Worldmaps are now installed. Worldmap is a 256x255 exact copy of this image. Click HEre
Limit Code is installed, limits just need created, and a few execution calls must be installed. Very minor work.
Espers in progress
A class-less creation system is in talks between myself and a few of those who are working with me. Inquire within for more detail, as it can get kind of complicated, and I'd rather not spill all the beans on the forums. :)
All Rom2.4b6 D20 stats and damage calculations are all going to be re-done. Formulas and calculations are nearing completion, as well as methods for generating miss, etc.

It's coming along, and I'd like anyone who sees this as a 'up and down in a month' thing, please re-concider. This is something I've wanted to do for years, and now, I finally have the free time and availability to make something like this happen. and in a realistic amount of time.

If credentials are what you are looking for, I'll give you a few lines on the people I'm working with so far and myself.:

I, myself have been MUDding for about 11 to 12 years, coding more than 85% of that I'd say. I'm familiar with the code I use, thats why I use it. So please, don't contact me to suggest I use another codebase. I know other codebases have advantages, but I'm using this one. :) I'll be the first to tell you I'm no Computer Science major, but I've been coding MUDs for some time, and I'm confident I can do what I want to do. If not, I've been lucky enough to make friends with a pluthra of Comp. Science majors and Professional Programmers. So working under me will not be like working under some kid who wanted his 'own' mud. I'm a foreman at a landscaping company, and I know how to maintain a staff, be it MUD or real life. Also, I'd like to add I'm not a prick. I think you'll find working with me quite enjoyable. :)

Some of the people I'm working with include a Comp Science/Physics major, Someone who has been Admin'ing on MUDs for 19 years, and not to mention several programmers who currently have their own project, but have already dipped their fingers in to help out where they can.

This is a project I hope you'll all want to be a part of, as I want this to hopefully open a new door on MUDs. (NOT all of them, specifically ROM based MUDs) Everyone says MUDs are dying, but I believe its a matter of appearance and advertisement. Mudconnect and mud listings aren't enough these days, and it will require some outside advertisement. I plan on advertising this to more than your usual MUD gamer. To those of you who say this is impossible, need not apply. MUDs are interesting, and fun. But we need to compete with our WoWs and Warhammers.

I intend to do this.

Also, rip on my grammar all you want, I typed this in somewhat of a hurry, so please don't judge this post on it's appearance alone. Thank you.

AIM: AndrewTolmasoff
Email: atolmasoff87@gmail.com
MUD: mudkingdom.com 8000
gTalk: atolmasoff87@gmail.com
30 Mar, 2010, tphegley wrote in the 12th comment:
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I would suggest you look into mushclient.com. Nick Gammon is working on ways to send info to his client and he's doing the 'graphics' type thing you're looking into doing.
11 Apr, 2010, Atolmasoff wrote in the 13th comment:
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Just a quick post for some updates:

Espers are installed, and working. Only modifications still needed are the creation of all the spells, so they can be assigned accordingly.
Random Combat is mostly Functional. Only active on one room for testing purposes, but it's there.
Some Cosmetic Upgrades and Modifications.

It's still coming along. Still looking for anyone willing to pitch in. :biggrin:

Hope to hear from, or see you soon!
Andrew Tolmasoff

Also, in the process of looking at MXP. Seems more than capable of doing a few of the things I'm looking at. Thank you everyone for your
suggestions in this. If anyone is familiar with MXP and installing it into a Rom 2.4b6, I'd love to chat with you. Not asking you to do it for me,
but help me with the install process. I've learned it makes it smoother, and I can get a better understanding of things I don't fully grasp.
25 Apr, 2010, Atolmasoff wrote in the 14th comment:
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Hello there,

Just posting an update to anyone who happens to be following this post. I've gotten the first section of world map setup and working with random battles.

Be sure to pickup the items on the ground, to wield yourself with something. I keep meaning to set it up so you have 100% everything when you create, but I keep forgetting, and I do apologize.

Random battles are based on room settings, each room has up to 4 possible monster types that may spawn based on the room's encounter rate. More mobiles spawn based on the size of the group, each player spawing it's own mobiles. (This way, groups can't mow through everything, you're as challenged as the rest of the players on the world map)

I'm going to be online most of the weekend, and alot of this week, and I hope to see some of you around! :)
25 Apr, 2010, Hades_Kane wrote in the 15th comment:
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I've popped in and checked out this project and it definitely seems to have a lot of potential. If anyone is interested in helping work on this game, I'd recommend checking it out. (And this is coming from another Final Fantasy MUD implementer, so clearly I have nothing to gain from plugging it)
25 Apr, 2010, Lyanic wrote in the 16th comment:
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Every time I login (and I've been doing so for a month now), I never get any response - even if I sit and idle. :sad:
28 Apr, 2010, Atolmasoff wrote in the 17th comment:
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Sorry man,
As I say, I'm not always in the MUD. Usually in the shell while I'm on the game. I tried e-mailing you, cause I saw you logged on after I woke up from my nap. I'd be more than happy to show you around or answer any questions you may have. I'm online later at night on the weekdays, and usually through the day on the weekends.

AndrewTolmasoff is also my AIM Screen name. Or you can e-mail me at atolmasoff87@gmail.com.

I can't promise I'll be sitting at my MUD window. But I try my best to contact everyone who logs on. My MOTD asks anyone to shoot me a post on my board. Give me a time or something, I'll make sure to be on as soon as possible. Boards I check every day.