06 Mar, 2010, jurdendurden wrote in the 1st comment:
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This is an ambitious medieval style ROM based mud with several features to set it above the rest, including but not limited to:

- Classes: fighter, cleric, thief, wizard, druid, ranger, paladin, bard, monk.
- Races: human, half elf, elf, half orc, gnome, halfling, dwarf
- multi classing (true d&d style)
- ships (player owned and operated)
- a living economy (affected by almost everything, from resources available to money on hand, and more!)
- extended immortal functions (for running in game quests and such)
- weapon specialization for fighters.
- elemental specialization for wizards.
- mages learn spells from scrolls, and can scribe them to teach other mages.
- traps, trap detection, etc…
- many expansions for OLC to give new areas more flavor. (oprogs, new sectors, new flags (for objs/rooms, new npc races, and MUCH more.).
- complete removal of stock areas. We're in the process of rebuilding our world from scratch (With the main city complete now!)
- a random item system (set to an act_flag), allows mobs to have your traditional 'stock' items as well as random loot.
- stronger mobs drop stronger random loot. Bosses set up to have loot tables.
- resource gathering: foraging, mining, prospecting, etc..
- skill trees based on skill prerequisites and stat requirements have been added to give flavor to each class.
- over 80 spells and 30 skills have been added already.
- fully integrated material table which every item on the mud is based off of. Each material has it's own properties.
- guildranks imposed which govern how well you are treated in your guild, and what the guild trainer will teach you.
- a robust and rich quest system completely written from scratch, allowing you to work on multiple quests at once.
- classes have restrictions of amounts of heavy armor they can wear.
- bleeding and critical hits.
- and many many other features not unlike Ad&D 2nd ed.
- NEW races: duergar, drow, half ogre.
- many different types of crafting.

This will be a roleplaying player kill (RPK) mud, with a main storyline, side quests, etc… The storyline will progress, areas will be changed around, and characters will be affected based on the outcomes of world wide questing.

Right now I'm taking applications from professional builders with good american english grammar/spelling, creativity, motivation, and a working grasp of ROM OLC building.
Our code is solid and we have tons of features but we need a game world for people to enjoy as well! We currently have the main town finished, and 2 low level areas.

I'm also looking for a couple of playtesters to go over all the new additions and scour for bugs.

This project has been going strong for almost 7 months now, and there has been quite a bit of progress. Come check us out and decide if you want to help us get this thing off the ground faster and out into the public!

Drop by frostmud.com port 8176 or just email me at drew.haley@gmail.com. I'm on at every opportunity I can get (basically when I'm not at work), so I should be prompt in responding to you.
03 Apr, 2010, jurdendurden wrote in the 2nd comment:
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We've just moved servers to aragond.com port 9000. Please come by if you're interested in helping out… we'll be moving into beta soon!