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Hello, I'm the Implementor of Realm of Shadows. I'm here just trying to get the word out about my MUD. We've been around for 8 years and have been pretty productive. The only thing we're missing is more players, so if you're a disgruntled MUDder who is looking for a new place that feels like home to hang around in you should give us a shot, but you don't have to take my word for it! - Here are some reviews people have written.

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Written by Kasabian:
I haven't been playing at Realm of Shadows for very long, in fact,
only about a day or so, but I truly believe it is a game worthy of
great credit. When I first started up my character, I wasn't
expecting much, I've been through plenty of rinse-and-repeat
creations and zoned out at level 5 then never came back. This time
was different though, when I logged on I was greeted by an extremely
friendly player who offered to help me out and aid in me getting to
know the game. It wasn't long before I was getting tips and help in
order to help improve my character, it was a very nice experience.
Not long after that a staff member, notably Syriac, joined in on
welcoming me to the game and helping ensue that my experience there
was pleasant. Which it really was!

Given a chance, the game has extreme potential to get a hold of you
and make an addict out of you, I found it very hard to stop leveling
once I discovered how powerful your character could become. It's a
very classic and fun experience, while offering a multi-class system
that really justifies itself. The staff are great and friendly and
from what I've seen the community seems to be fairly close-knit and
homely, which is a great thing and something I've been looking for,
for a long, long time.

If you're tired of the same old MUDs packed full of nameless 'cool
kids' where you're just a faceless head in the crowd, then come and
give RoS a try, or even hang out on the forums and get to know the
community. Lord knows every MUD needs more players, but I think it's
rare to find one that truly deserves them. :)

Written by Kindoma:
Hi. I think that this mud is worthy of a review so here it goes.

1. Class system 9/10. Has alot of classes, and the triple class
feature. Each one is built on a different basis so you dont have a
bunch of warriors running around. You know Warrior/Knight.

2. Racial features: 8/10 Each race gains stat bonuses along with
extra bonuses implemented into the code, and there are enough to
choose from.

3. Mud features: 9/10 Damage absortion to balance out those damage
seekers. Nice random drops. Fun leveling zones. Helpful staff and

Overall Rating 9/10
Give it a try…cant hurt right?

Written by Tytan:
Hey all you Mudders out there! I have been with Realm of Shadows for
quite some time. They are rebuilding the realm and adding in some
extremely nice code. Triple Classing allows for us to be unique, and
the players are very helpful.

The Immortals…Not sure what to say about them. They are helpful,
involved, and know the game top to bottom. I have put in a few request
for things to be added and if not that same day within the week they
were added.

If you like pvp, running areas, friendly players, and roleplaying come
to Realm of Shadows.

Written by Kilrath:
I'm not sure what I can add that Aldous hasn't covered. However, I did
want to make a sort of amendment to his review. The Multi-Classing in
this game has been upgraded from Dual-Classing to Triple-Classing. That
means that you can choose a third class as your player matures. I find
myself quite addicted to this game, and I have been since it went public
back in 2002. The owner/coder, Syriac, has always been open to the ideas
presented by the players. I have seen a suggestion added very quick, and
sometimes within the same day of it being brought forward to him.

It is very refreshing to have a game like this that is very friendly to
its players. Not only that, but the staff on this game is truly one of
the best you will find. They do not hide from the players. They are very
interactive with the players, and will sometimes go out of their way to
see that whoever is on the game is having a good time.

And while it may not be the largest world you can find, the staff seems
to be putting a lot of effort into making it a unique and interesting
realm to explore.

Written by Aldous:
I've been following Realm of Shadows since the beginning and have
watched it evolve into a completely unique and exciting experience.
Realm of Shadows is derived from SMAUG code, but I have played many
other SMAUG MUDs and I've never seen anything like this.

RoS has truly random items, random names, random affects, random pops
- it really adds a lot to the game. There also is a TRUE multiclass
system - not that crap remort stuff. You start as one class and later
on you can dual to a second class and switch between them back and

There is automated questing, random experience point bonuses, tiers,
a god lead following system, optional PK, stat re-rolling, stat
training, and so much more.

One of the best parts is the dedicated staff. They are always willing
to help out - way more than any other place I've ever seen! They are
very open to player ideas. I, myself, have submitted ideas only to see
it implemented within a few days or less! I really wish there were
more players and I'm hoping that this review will entice more people
to come and give it a chance.