31 Dec, 2009, Lilian_the_Kitty wrote in the 1st comment:
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Eternal Dawn is a highly modified ROM 2.4b6 MUD set in an original fantasy world, with a large selection of classes and races. We are looking for builders and coders to help make our world, which is not yet open to players. We build with OLC, do not require experience and will train new builders. We have custom races and are working on a three tier class system that may support rebirth for players.

Kilenshi is a unique world I've been working on with pen and paper since 1994, it was based on 3 and 3.5 edition of D&D. Eventually it was decided to put it in MUD format. We have our own unique gods and religions, races such as jewel elves (xenophobic elves with silver skin and hair/eyes the color of precious gems and metals), pixies, and new races of halflings.

The top player level will be 100, with a 3 tier system, the system is not in yet (hello coder :D), and possibly at 100 the chance to find hidden quest to rebirth as special classes. We have a quest system, so we will support leveling through grinding and quests. We will be rp encouraged, with ooc channels and such. PK will be restricted, only those who wish to participate will.

Our code base is ROM but it has been heavily modified. Eventually we would like to have a crafting system where the player picks the craft and levels it up and many other interesting concepts.

We need builders to help finish the core areas (then expand) and coders to help make the game fun. I'm looking for ideas and concepts, I'm very open minded and as long as it will fit in a fantasy setting willing to work with any idea to help make it fit into our world.

We do have a website, kilenshi.kicks-ass.net which has a world history and other information. Anything else, feel free to contact me either on the builder port or through email. Our builder port is kilenshi.kicks-ass.net port 5730 and my email is foolycoolykitty@gmail.com.