01 Jun, 2015, dbna2 wrote in the 1st comment:
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First let me say I am not sure if I am posting this in the right spot, so sorry in advance if not.

I am working on a dragonball z mud. Yeah I know every bad thing you have to say about dbz muds and let me just stop you right there. I am not looking for bashing. I am looking for builders. This mud isn't a dbsaga clone, dbzu clone, or even a dbz circle mud clone. This code is smaug1.4a almost completely modified(not all done by me), with almost every bug fix found out there to keep it updated. This mud is not yet open to the public and there are no stock areas, so the areas will be completely custom. I am looking for a team of builders who are willing to work on a mud not open to public and who are willing to work completely from scratch. Every position is open, but as of right now I am only looking for builders. If you don't know how to build I am willing to teach (though I am not the best builder out there). So there are no skills needed, but experience building is always a plus. Only thing I do ask is you have decent grammar/spelling skills. If interested send me a pm.