12 Mar, 2015, Hades_Kane wrote in the 1st comment:
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Lots of exciting changes and additions on End of Time lately!

We have listened to the feedback of players and made some modifications to flee that makes it quite a bit easier to manage.

An exciting addition to our random battle code (think mid 90s JRPG console like) is the ability to predetermine a command, skill, etc. whenever you get the jump on an enemy.

In addition to mobile, object and room programs, we have expanded to allow/include the use of player programs as well! Combined with our quest variable saving and ability to set expiration on the variables by either a timer or reaching a specific level, this opens up a whole lot of new and interesting possibilities, including much smarter and intuitive timed dungeons and challenges.

Characters with natural weapons can now backstab without the use of a dagger.

We have added in a brand new item type specifically for treasure chests, which allows up to 4 items to be stored into it with options on its loading routine. A builder can set it to load 1 of all 4 items completely random, have 1 load based on a percentage (indicative of the rarity of the items) or have all of them load. This allows us to really put some epic items into play without them spawning often being a certaintity.

Along with the numerous additions/modifications to enhance screen reader friendliness, several other modifications and additions have been grouped together in our config menu under "visual". This will only be enhanced as time goes on to allow you greater control of how and what you view on the game.

The dreaded Midgar Zolom has recently been spotted in the swamp outside of the Mythril Mine north of Midgar. Consequently, the nearby Chocobo Ranch is now offering short term chocobo rental at a deeply discounted rate. Will you dare to brave the swamp and meet the Midgar Zolom head on, or will you rely on the swift feet of the Chocobo to ensure safe passage?

Note forwarding! It is now trivial to forward a personal note you have sent or received to another player!

I have absolutely DECIMATED the bugs/typo list. Lots of minor issues have now been corrected.

Two new areas have been opened to the players in the last month and another will go live this week:
-The Guardia Dungeon is now open to all visitors of Guardia Castle. Highly mirroring the scenario in the early part of Chrono Trigger, this level 8-13 area adds another avenue for leveling, questing, and good equipment for the early game for those who pick Truce as their hometown.
-Hydra Marshes, east of Termina and situated on the center island of the world famous Trade Isles, this level 30-35 area is a dangeous, toxic swamp where the mysterious Hydra is hidden, awaiting your challenge. This new area helps fill out a little bit of a gap that players have felt when leveling around in that range.
-The Ocean Palace, a large underwater complex dating back thousands of years has recently been discovered. Based in the 60-65 level range, when this monster of a dungeon is opened later this week, prepare yourself for a challenge as much mental as physical as you brave the vile monsters of the deep and explore to find valuable equipment and begin to unlock one of the bigger mysteries that many players have wondered about that is scattered throughout the game.

End of Time is a deeply modified ROM based game themed after the worlds of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger/Cross. While the game is heavy on nostalgia and fans of the series will delight in the familiar environments, familiarity with the theme is in NO way necessary to play, enjoy, or understand the game. In fact, a couple of our clan leaders have only passing familiarity with the source material; a clear example of how open to all we truly are! The game is very unique and unlike any other, a very detailed, cohesive world and background formed for an excellent backdrop of our numerous area-based quests, player roleplay (RP heavily encouraged, non-enforced), and immortal ran events. Deep combat, exciting magic system, detailed character customization… End of Time is a game experience you'll not regret giving a little bit of time toward.

You can connect to End of Time through host eotmud.com and port 4000.

More infomation on the game can be found at:
16 Mar, 2015, Ssolvarain wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Another exciting feature to look forward to are the Hunts.

I've begun overhauling them, replacing the existing area completely with brand new stuff.
30 Mar, 2015, Hades_Kane wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Along with the recent addition of the Ocean Palace, Hydra Marshes and the Guardian Dungeon, the Kilika Temple on the other side of the jungle has been completed and opened, along with its inner sanctum known as the Cloister of Trials.

Rumors circulate of the old temple, rumors of precious artifacts and the heinous fiends that protect them. What secrets like within the Cloister? Long ago a center of praise and worship of the old religion where people would pay homage to Leviathan, the guardian of the town and legendary beast of the sea. What has become of Leviathan and what monsters and treasure lie within the Cloister?

Additionally, with the opening of these areas, this also paves the way to two more areas being accessible as well with the Serpent Trench and the sunken plane Gelnika.

The final push toward having another sizable chunk of areas open is on the agenda currently, and with that, the level cap for the game will be raised from level 65 to level 80. That's 15 extra levels of content!

This is a great time to come in and make a splash on the game!
30 Mar, 2015, Ssolvarain wrote in the 4th comment:
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Hades_Kane said:
This is a great time to come in and make a splash on the game!

Magikarp, use your splash attack!
30 Mar, 2015, tingonic wrote in the 5th comment:
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Ssolvarain said:
Magikarp, use your splash attack!