20 Sep, 2013, Rarva.Riendf wrote in the 161st comment:
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I also enjoyed a lot the first wave to act5 hell as well and played two reset (in hardcore it is fun, with totally underpowered eq, relying much more on skills than on eq). But after that yeah the game is pretty much dull when people are totally overpowered after a month at max.
21 Apr, 2014, KaVir wrote in the 162nd comment:
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I've been trying out the updated Diablo III, and I'm actually pretty impressed. Considering the pig's ear they made of the original version, they've done a pretty outstanding job of salvaging it. That's not to say the game is perfect by a long stretch, but stripping out the auction house and massively improving the drops has made a significant difference. They've also made numerous other improvements (8 GB worth).

If you already bought the game then I think it's well worth taking another look, if nothing else it's an interesting example of bad game design being ripped out by the roots and replaced with something better.

Two years later, Reaper of Souls is the ...
21 Apr, 2014, Lyanic wrote in the 163rd comment:
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I started back playing Diablo III right before Reaper of Souls released. It is a marked improvement. It's almost like Diablo II again.
22 Apr, 2014, Nathan wrote in the 164th comment:
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Never played any of the Diablo games, but if this is a transition from mechanics/systems that don't match gameplay style to ones that do it can't be anything but an improvement.

Frankly I don't think auction houses/trading systems are good for any game where there isn't a strong crafting mechanic and a top-down desire for a player driven economy. After all, in order for people to want to purchase things then they must logically be able to buy better, more useful stuff than they will at random or even through persistent playing of the game and progress through it. You can't have it both ways and unless someone is undercutting themselves to sell powerful stuff for cheap then if you can afford loot that would make a low level/stat character much better than a higher level/stat character by sheer item stats then you are getting too much money unless you sell just about everything you find to get it. Truly random loot seems strange to me, it's even stranger in a real rpg. What equipment you find really has to be tied to what you do to get it or story unless you want more realism, in which case some places may have good lot for naught but looking around and other places nothing for carving your way through a goblin army.
22 Apr, 2014, quixadhal wrote in the 165th comment:
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The issue with D3's auction house wasn't lack of use… in fact, it was the opposite. In the original design, the loot drop system was intentionally weak to encourage the use of the auction house. The difficulty mechanic was setup as a series of gates, so you had to finish the map on normal difficulty to advance to nightmare, and then to hell, and finally inferno. To survive in the higher difficulties, you needed progressively better gear, which didn't drop unless you were in those higher difficulties.

So, the end result was that it became a game of buying power on the auction house. Effectively, you spent half your play session looking for improved gear that others cast off as they outgrew it, and the other half scrounging up the gold to bid on it. Or, you used real money and bought things from that auction house.

In either case, the focus was on trading gear, rather than playing the game.

With the 2.0 patch, and the subsequent expansion, the auction houses have been removed and most gear has become bind-on-account that's still tradeable to whomever was in the game with you (if multiplayer) when you found it (for a few hours). The loot tables have been redone, and the gear tends to be customized to the class you're playing when it drops. The difficulty levels are now sliders with reward modifiers, rather than gates. You can literally take a brand new level 1 character into the hardest difficulty if you want… you won't accomplish much, but you aren't stopped from doing so.

Overall, it's a very good and successful change. It puts the focus back on playing and hoping for good drops, rather than finding ways to buy them from other players.
02 May, 2014, Kjwah wrote in the 166th comment:
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If you don't look at D3 as a Diablo game but as a post-WoW Blizzard game, it's not so bad. I picked up the expansion and played for an hour. About what I'd spend for about that time at the movies and a drink and junk food. :D
20 Oct, 2014, Kjwah wrote in the 167th comment:
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Just to add to this, I've been playing again, close to ~150 PL on SC, about 100 PL on seasonal. It's not bad, though my Wizard still has yet to get any good drops. My DH is critting as hard as my wizard and I just hit 70 today with it. I've farmed for about 100 hours on my Wizard and still no gear worth a crap but my seasonal crusader and my new DH are "boss hogging" it. lol

I'm over the whole, "online only" bullcrap they've pulled. I'm also over not having PvP yet which is really why I play… Just trying to stay somewhat geared up in case they ever get around to adding what they said we would have at blizzcon before they launched the game and then promptly said, "nevermind, we're not having it, now that you bought the game, suckers".

Anyone else still playing? And if so, are you in a guild with players? lol :p
21 Oct, 2014, Davion wrote in the 168th comment:
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I'm currently experiencing technical difficulties with my main rig. Basically Asus RMA hell. I've been forced in to playing these console games lately for entertainment. Been playing a lot of Destiny on the XBox One. I'm DubiousDavion if you're lookin for a friend!