08 Sep, 2014, thunderz wrote in the 1st comment:
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IP: dbzfe.com (
Port: 4000

Looking for a Dragonball experience that's about more than
simply watching your virtual power level increase?
Drag(*)nball Z: FE is a Dragon Ball Z MUD run on a completely
custom codebase that uses the BYOND engine. It was built from
the ground-up, and seeks to follow the inspiration started by
Trenton's Dragonball Z: Fighter's Edition (DBZ FE) and Rcet's
Dragonball Z: Reality (DBZ Reality). Gameplay focuses on a
completely interactive combat system, where your character only
attacks when you give the order, and your defenses are
similarly your own responsibility!


o Open PVP: Restricted by max power level (no getting ganked when
you wouldn't have a chance to win!)

o Fully detailed ASCII map: rather than room descriptions, view
a map detailing the terrain, nearby NPCs, and players

o No conventional levels: Power level increases as you fight, with
a substantial bonus for killing blows

o Skill-based combat: Dodge and parry your opponent's attacks while
countering with your own feints and maneuvers

o Long-ranged and energy attacks: strike at your opponent from
several rooms away, or unleash a devastating blast at close range

o Human, Saiyan, Namekian, and Android races currently playable,
each with its own unique attacks and transformations
09 Sep, 2014, Lobsang wrote in the 2nd comment:
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This style of mud is pretty unique. Trenton made one years ago, and I was told back then that he got the idea from some Capcom themed mud. The system is unique in that it's responsive in real time, such that:

Player A pulls his right fist back.

You respond by parrying high or dodging left. You duck or parry round houses. You dodge destructo discs. Reflect blasts, etc. When parrying you can stun opponent and possibly get a "combo" that you can execute. It's all very interactive and your typical mud's combat feels nothing like it.

I really recommend you use the built in aliases or your clients, and set things such as "punch right" to "pr", "dodge right" to "dr", or even make them assigned to single letters.

Here's the change log since 8-22:

There are 93 change(s). Displaying the most recent changes as page 1.
[09-07-14] Implemented prompt meter bars 'help prompt' for more information.
[09-07-14] Fixed defenses not canceling out eye laser or similar skills.
[09-07-14] You can now use changes and report while sleeping.
[09-07-14] Implemented 'specialbeamcannon' for namekians.
[09-07-14] Implemented skill 'blast' can be learned from Gero's lab(for android for 1 point) or from Frieza's Henchmen.
[09-07-14] Fixed eye laser now properly cancels out previous melee attack if used to 'fake'.
[09-07-14] Android 16,17,18,19,20 now use eye laser while fighting.
[09-07-14] Added Android 16(60,000,000 PL).
[09-07-14] Improved PvE ki attacks.
[09-07-14] Absorb now absorbs 5% of the ki attacks power rating as powerlevel.
[09-07-14] Absorb now absorbs (chargeCount * Energy Per Charge) from ki attacks.
[09-07-14] Android skill drain now restores 1% of your maximum powerlevel per tick (a maximum of 3%).
[09-06-14] Inventory was wiped due to a recode on how items are stored and loaded (equipment was not effected).
[09-06-14] Added 'Gero's Lab' this is a safe zone.
[09-06-14] Implemented 'hikou' skill for androids.
[09-06-14] When attacking a player in safe zone it will now display the damage that would have been dealt if you were not in a safe zone.
[09-06-14] When losing powerlevel you can no longer go below your races starting powerlevel.
[09-05-14] Your auto flight no longer gets interrupted by sensing or transforming into a Super Saiyan.
[09-05-14] Androids now have a built in scouter.
[09-05-14] Implemented the ability to customize your prompt type 'help prompt' for more information.
[09-05-14] Attacking a target now instantly begins the fight.
[09-04-14] Improved pathfinding for various functions (flight,projectiles,sensing mobiles).
[09-04-14] Androids no longer need scouters to sense powerlevels or mobile coordinates.
[09-04-14] Implemented 'laser' (Android skills).
[09-04-14] Implemented 'assimilate' (Android skills).
[09-04-14] Implemented 'rocketpunch'.
[09-04-14] Implemented Gero's Lab.
[09-04-14] Implemented 'drain' (Android skills).
[09-04-14] Implemented 'absorb'.
[09-04-14] Implemented 'deflect'.
[09-04-14] You can now cancel flight by moving or flying (speed) (direction).
[09-04-14] You can now spam 'fly' to a specific target however this will drain stamina.
[09-04-14] Fixed ki attacks getting disrupted not properly being dereferenced.
[09-04-14] Fixed projectile trails not appearing.
[09-03-14] People can now hear yells while unconscious or asleep.
[09-03-14] Fixed Zarbon & Frieza not reverting properly.
[09-03-14] Added form messages (ex: ThunderZ glows with a golden aura.).
[09-03-14] Added a energy drain to 'Super Saiyan'.
[09-01-14] Changed all ki attacks to a maximum of 8 rooms (no more firing attacks at people that you can't even see)
[09-01-14] Changed elbow minimum range to 1 room.
[09-01-14] Fixed some issues with flight being attacked and attacking will cancel you flying now.
[09-01-14] Fixed Androids seeing the skill learn symbol beside mobs names.
[09-01-14] Most of the higher mobs now use elbow.
[09-01-14] Implemented 'elbow'.
[09-01-14] Added 'Super Perfect Cell' lol.
[09-01-14] Updated the 'score' command now displays bonus stats and the text is better formatted.
[09-01-14] Implemented 'super saiyan 1'.
[08-31-14] Implemented offensive attack gains (3% for hitting a player that isnt defending (you gain less pl), 6% for hitting a player that is defending (you gain more pl)).
[08-31-14] Implemented 2 map compression levels (1,2), level 1 shows randomized water,clouds(snakeway) and such level 2 shows boring dull water and clouds.
[08-30-14] Implemented 'destructodisc'.
[08-30-14] Implemented 'renzoku'.
[08-30-14] Fixed aliases set as numbers crashing the mud (DERP).
[08-30-14] Implemented telnet color compression (No more skipping lines for some clients ex: mudconnect.com play now client).
[08-30-14] fly (direction) (speed) now drains a flat 2% energy per use regardless of rooms traveled.
[08-29-14] Implemented 'history' command.
[08-29-14] Ki attacks now gain 2% minimum and maximum damage output per charge tick.
[08-29-14] Ki attacks begin to dissipiate after 6 seconds and decharge 1 tick every 3 seconds after.
[08-29-14] Sleeping and resting now cancels out any current ki attacks.
[08-29-14] Implemented 'help'.
[08-29-14] You no longer need a target to begin charging and ki based attack.
[08-29-14] NPC's no longer gain powerlevel from kills.
[08-29-14] Fixed grouped mobiles randomly respawning.
[08-29-14] Your character now auto saves when it gains powerlevel or learns a new skill.
[08-28-14] Non grouped mobiles will now respawn in random locations.
[08-28-14] Fixed the 'delete' command you can no longer delete while in a fight.
[08-25-14] Quick note for literal matching it is case sensitive.
[08-25-14] Fixed the Top 10 ranking to properly descend through all players and not just the first 10 SQL results.
[08-25-14] The command parser now favors literals for targets Ex; Frieza's Henchman ~ Frieza Bot (If you IT Frieza) you will IT to Frieza bot or Frieza depending whoever is closer and what planet you are on.
[08-25-14] Implemented 'alias' and 'unalias'.
[08-24-14] Increased combo chance to 25% from 20%.
[08-24-14] Decreased stun chance to 20%.
[08-23-14] You will no longer gain powerlevel from mobiles 4x lower than you or lose powerlevel from mobs 4x higher than you.
[08-23-14] Implemented a 'cooldown' system for certain abilities.
[08-23-14] Implemented channels (OOC, Scouter) which can be toggled on or off.
[08-23-14] Implemented 'tell' command.
[08-23-14] Fixed 'instanttransmission' not being able to teleport to players with lower powerlevel and teleporting to players in space.
[08-23-14] Fixed being able to fly while in your space pod.
[08-23-14] Fixed being able to exit your space pod while in space.
[08-23-14] Fixed 'fly' and 'travel' being able to spam the command to move faster.
[08-23-14] Implemented 'instanttransmission' learn from defeating Frieza (FORM 4) on namek.
[08-23-14] Added mobile 'Yamcha' at 500,000 powerlevel on Earth.
[08-23-14] Fixed a bug that if a mobile attacked you then died during the attack you would be stuck movelocked.
[08-23-14] The AI now no longer fakes and follows through if a player fails a defense.
[08-23-14] Fixed not being able to quit if another player kills a mob attacking you.
[08-23-14] Fixed ranking to descend based on powerlevel.
[08-23-14] You can no longer attack players if your powerlevel is greater than 3* their powerlevel.
[08-22-14] Fixed being able to move while flying to a target.
[08-22-14] You can no longer gain from mobs OR players if your powerlevel is 2x higher than theirs.
[08-22-14] Added 'top' command which shows the top 10 players.
[08-22-14] Implemented a output buffer to update prompt better instead of directly sending text.
[08-22-14] There was a character wipe due to the implementation of SQLite.
[08-22-14] Converted character, inventory, equipment saving to SQLite
[08-22-14] Implemented SQLite.
09 Sep, 2014, Kelvin wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Are triggers/scripting a big problem in this community? Seems like it'd be pretty easy to do.
10 Sep, 2014, Runter wrote in the 4th comment:
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Kelvin said:
Are triggers/scripting a big problem in this community? Seems like it'd be pretty easy to do.

It was a huge problem with the game that they're remaking. Don't know how they're handling it.

Also, the most effective edge is something that's undetectable on the server – just an interface to tell you when you take a defensive action.

It's an interesting design concept, but I found it very tedious and ruled by the best 3rd party scripters.
10 Sep, 2014, Hades_Kane wrote in the 5th comment:
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I played in its early days… before equipment or NPCs, and right around the time when Namek was first accessible (was also playing his Final Fantasy game at that point too, but the DBZ game ultimately hooked me more than the FF game).

It was a bit difficult on a laggy dialup connection, but me and my buddy did alright on it (him quite a bit better than me, honestly), and at least back then, there didn't seem to be a big issue with people scripting the fights. I can only imagine as it went on, however, that would have become a pretty big issue.
11 Sep, 2014, Rarva.Riendf wrote in the 6th comment:
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>however, that would have become a pretty big issue.

Or not, depending on the target audience. There was some old game where the game itself was to program the best responsive IA in a tank game. (sorry can't remember the name of that perticular game it is quite old)
Seems like the only difference here is how the tank look :).
12 Sep, 2014, Ssolvarain wrote in the 7th comment:
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Why even bother playing if you're just going to run a bot? Go play an idle game on newgrounds or some shit instead.
12 Sep, 2014, Rarva.Riendf wrote in the 8th comment:
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>Why even bother playing if you're just going to run a bot?

If you are not the one who coded it, I do not see either. Otherwise I would ask you, what is the point of playing a computer game at all to begin with ?
12 Sep, 2014, Ssolvarain wrote in the 9th comment:
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Same reason we don't just sit on the ground and wait to die.

If you want to absently watch numbers tick up while you watch Guiding Light reruns, there are more suitable ways to do it.

If the whole point of the game is to program AI, then I can understand someone's desire to do that. There's a lot of games that follow that idea, like Gratuitous Space Battles. The whole point is the setup, rather than the execution, but most games are intended to be actively played. Saying you reached level 50 on a mud when all you did was run a bot doesn't actually mean anything to anyone.

Back on topic, though, this game could be played with macros just as well as triggers. You'd just have to want to actually play the game and be involved with it.