22 May, 2014, araxis666 wrote in the 1st comment:
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Just thought I'd try to put my VPS to good use, I have not hosted for others before, but I think I have a pretty cool setup to offer! Specs below:

VPS hosted with (mt) Media Temple
Running CentOS 6.5
4GB RAM / 8 Cores
1TB Bandwidth

What I am offering:

3GB disk space (negotiable), Plesk Panel access, Web Hosting, E-Mail Hosting, phpMyAdmin, FTP, Shell. 30 Days of backups, backups taken nightly, saved on a separate server, FTP access to these is also provided! The host also offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

This server is almost completely empty, I do not use it, aside from hosting 1 email address for myself.

I love MUD's, and I love the MUD community, this is my way of giving back. Unfortunately, I am not a coder of any sorts, I have always only been a fan, a gamer, so I cannot offer any assistance in that area, but I can definitely handle the Linux administration side of things.

Feel free to ask any questions or get in touch with me directly.
22 May, 2014, Kelvin wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I know this was posted with the best of intentions in mind, but when someone can pay $5 or less a month to be in complete control of their hosting situation, does this sort of arrangement with a free host even make sense anymore? These services tend to come and go with the wind, only lasting as long as the admin's interest remains.
22 May, 2014, araxis666 wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I think you make a good point. Even though I have multiple, free servers, I still pay $5 per month for another VPS… Because, why not?

Still, the offer stands. There are a lot of features all set up, including a panel, such things that can take some setup to get right on a stock VPS.

I also agree, there is no way to prove I'm not some sort of fly-by-night host, but with FTP access to the backups, this should minimize the risk :)
22 May, 2014, Tijer wrote in the 4th comment:
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Granted its cheap to get VPS to set up server and host MUDS, but some people just want the free server space, without having to set up all of that.

I've been running a VPS over at godwars.net for 3 years now, have a few people hosted with me, mainly friends met online on muds… and people who have had no intention to set up their own servers, or be willing
to pay. Godwars.net is really just a starting base for any prospective new coder/admin, with little to no resource usage limits, and me being on call to help them with any issues they should have with their mud (which they are unable
to fix themselves) I really just wanted to give something back to the MUD community after being around for the past 20 or so years…and to be honest from reading Araxis666 posts here and on TMC he wants to do the same.

BTW Araxis… with Linode i get a pretty decent deal compared to what you have (dependant on what package you are on at your vps)
20 Jun, 2019, warike wrote in the 5th comment:
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Is this offer still available?