12 Mar, 2014, Whitenoise wrote in the 1st comment:
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Glad to see the progress on my new mud, I finally finished the hard coding for races and classes and built the .race and .class files still need to make all the skills from scratch and then build some help files for what I have before I start editing areas.

But really glad this came around and hopefully I can get the spells / skills handled in the next couple weeks.

would be nice to host it and see what people think of it as it grows …. once I have written the skills I may open it up for input
13 Mar, 2014, plamzi wrote in the 2nd comment:
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The first few weeks are the most exciting, and usually the most productive.

But the real test is one of endurance. This is a marathon, except for the part where for many of us there is no real finish line.

Assuming that you're serious about wanting to attract players, my unsolicited advice to you is to start thinking about what will make people want to play your game as opposed to dozens of other games using the same codebase. Sometimes, a single unique feature, if well-implemented, is worth a thousand small customizations. I'm not saying to forget the spells / skills and areas – they are in many ways a must-have – but while you're plodding through these you should also be aware that they are not going to be the star attractions.
13 Mar, 2014, Whitenoise wrote in the 3rd comment:
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agreed, and thanks. I do see that even the closest attention to detail and storyline will not make it a winner and I am currently thinking of some ingame features to add to keep players interested. :smile:

currently I am flushing out code and finishing my auth area.
I am planning to add several recall locations that the player may choose to set themselves at.
Other ideas will come in time I am sure… it's not as if this will get launched tomorrow. :smile: