18 Oct, 2013, Chris Bailey wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'm working on a project with somewhat atypical needs for staff. The game has no rooms per say, so I don't need help with building. I'm looking for individuals interested in writing scifi themed content consisting of descriptions of spacecraft and a variety of addons for them such as weaponry, engine modifications, cargo enhancement and things of that nature. Also, for those interested in themes and stories, I need help designing a variety of civilian, government, and commercial organizations along with a cohesive theme and story that can bring them all together into a somewhat realistic galactic society. There are no promises of staff positions or in-game benefits to gain. Credit will of course be given along with the fun of creation and the option to continue molding the evolution of the story and theme over time. Interested parties can respond here or private message me and I'm more than happy to answer questions. Thanks for your time.
22 Oct, 2013, Chris Bailey wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Well it looks like I could also use a hand in designing some information output. Along the lines of score sheets..I can handle the formatting but I'm not creative enough to produce an appealing layout or color scheme. Any takers?
29 Oct, 2013, Nathan wrote in the 3rd comment:
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You had any luck?

With regard to the score sheet thing, I take it you have access to xterm colors or the like? I can't think there'd be much luck in the color scheme department with ansi. Do you have a website and what codebase are you using?
31 Oct, 2013, Chris Bailey wrote in the 4th comment:
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Just noticed your post Nathan. No, I haven't had any luck yet with regard to that. I have had some interest some writers but that is all. The codebase is custom and I do not have a website at this time. Although I do plan to have one sometime down the road. I suppose I could have access to xterm colors if I chose to but I don't know if most clients support it?
05 Nov, 2013, Nathan wrote in the 5th comment:
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A good number of clients do support XTERM-256 (plain old xterm colors are just the subset of xterm that represent ANSI colors I think) http://www.mudpedia.org/mediawiki/index....
There are a notable few that supposedly don't support it like zmud, so unless you've got proper telnet negotiation for it or something you might need some way to keep track of which clients manually turned it off.

Also, basic support shouldn't be terribly hard, since XTERM-256 is an extension of ANSI.