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In the middle of a fathomless blue sea sits two islands covered in forests and mountains. One island is larger, its vast lands stretching far beyond the horizon past the eyes of man or animal. Ancient sites pepper the landscape of this island, and from far above, within the realms of the Titans, the inhabitants of the land are as small dots of living heat. The titans are few in number, their love for the creatures they watch over far oustripping the abilities of their small community to accomplish what they wish for their mortal charges. They seek among the mortals, looking for those worthy of the status of titan. To be deemed worthy one must have the drive and ability to shape the lands of the islands to provide for the creatures that will one day inhabit them. Tests of feats are common in the mortal realms, watched over by the few titans with bated breath in hopes to find a chosen one among the ranks of their charges.

LuminariMUD is based on the tbaMUD codebase with heavy modifications. We have friendly and attentive staff with a strong grasp on public relations and an excellent skill set to aid in the development of the mud (we have two very experienced coders, and a lead builder with 18+ years experience).

Our lore sphere is currently seeking applicants for position of Lead Loremaster (in charge of writing, compiling and organizing game lore).

Our build sphere is currently seeking applicants for the position of builder and we have many features to offer applicants to aid in the creation of content that will both challenge and enthrall players:
*A menu-driven on-line-creation system (OLC) that is heavily documented and very easy to learn
*Mobile artificial intelligence based on Racial-Types and Classes
*An 'autoquest' system for creating interactive stories with the players
*Another quest system driven by speech interaction with mobiles
*DG-Sripts, a well supported stable and simple scripting system for allowing a large scale of creative flexibility
*A diverse variety of mobile races/type and sub-races
*A very detailed and helpful walk-through tutorial for new builders

Please come visit us at:
LuminariMud.com 4100

Or contact Taure Fea our lead builder at: