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It's an exciting time for us over at End of Time!


The level cap has been raised from level 50 up to level 65! Teachers have been placed for all skills up
to 65 and a new batch of areas have been opened!

We are gearing up for our first big event, which will be considered our opening day celebration.

Whether you were once a player who has been waiting on additional content, or just considering giving
End of Time a try for the first time, this is a perfect time to stop by. Crucial positions for both the
mortals and staff still need to be filled, and things are really just now getting going good.

You can connect to End of Time through host eotmud.com and either through port 23 or 400.

More infomation on the game can be found at:


TL;DR Version: End of Time is a Final Fantasy based ROM MUD that doesn't require previous knowledge of Final
Fantasy to enjoy and understand. We boast numerous unique features including a deep magic and combat
system, team attacks, an ANSI world map, racial templates including Vampires and Werewolves, detailed
character creation and much more! The game has been in development for YEARS and is getting near to opening
and this is the perfect time to jump on board!

Full Version:
End of Time is a predominately Final Fantasy based MUD with heavy influence from the Chrono series. It was
built ontop of the ROM Codebase, but has progressed far beyond anything resembling stock.

While we are a 'themed' MUD, previous experience with Final Fantasy is NOT necessary to play, enjoy, and
understand the game. Our areas, races, and classes are based on the worlds in our theme, but woven together
for an original, if not "inspired" experience.

We boast numerous ORIGINAL features UNIQUE to our game, many of which written by a coder who has gone on to
release numerous snippets that can be seen in dozens of MUDs, including some of the most popular Final
Fantasy MUDs. Some of these include the ability to create custom skills known as "limit breaks" whose usage
bar increases under circumstances YOU decide, with affects and messaging decided by YOU. Our magic system
has seen a complete rewrite, with the ability to modify, retarget, cancel, combine and other things to
spells while they are being cast. Our combat system, while round based, has been broken out of the
traditional timed rounds and its timing is based on your stats. We also have a system for Chocobo Riding,
Racing and training!

Our game offers several other features, including random battles in the vein of console RPGs, team attacks
that groups can perform in the vein of the Chrono series, elemental alignments for players and rooms,
experience points for skill use, class promotion (nearly ready to be opened) that allows you to pick the
class direction your character will progress through, detailed character customization that allows you to
set what your character looks like in creation, racial templates that "overlay" your current race (includes
Vampires, Werewolves, and many more), and much more!

Numerous "annoying" aspects of stock ROM gameplay have also been elminated, such as the need for food/water
is gone, the need for lights has also met it's end, along with things like movement points and "lag" time
for skill use, which has been replaced with a much friendlier "wait time" that allows you to do most of your
normal commands within the MUD and just regulates (mostly) skill use and combat commands.

Our world has areas mostly based out of Final Fantasy, but are arranged and developed in a way that is
original to our game. Familiarity with the games is not necessary, or in some respects even helpful, so
there is NO entry level barrier to people not familiar with the theme. For those who aren't, you can expect
a predominately Fantasy setting, with elements of low technology, mythological elements, and political
intrigue all mixed together. Indeed, any "events" from any of the games comprising our history date back at
least 30 years prior to the current in-game timeline, and so most of the story and roleplay will have little
to do with events from the game, they are simply backstory. There are NO PC versions of characters from the
games to contend with, as we are driving for originality in our stories, just in the themed setting we have
crafted. At of this post, there are over 125 areas complete dand accessible as well. The world and clan
systems are all setup for a large playerbase, which we hope to someday achieve.

We have been development for literally YEARS, with elements of the story and roleplay dating back two MUDs
and 12 years prior. The codebase itself, originally a side project for a friend of mine, myself, and
another friend, was transformed into a Final Fantasy based MUD after the one we had been playing for a while
was going to be shut down. This was the birth of Cleft of Dimension in 2001. A few years later, as one of
the original founders of CoD, me and a handful of other Admins split from CoD and converted the codebase
into End of Time, while CoD continued to run in its own, unaltered state. Development was spotty for a
couple of years with sporadic coders, but EoT has been up consistently and in development since I took over
as coder in 2005. A lot of time and work has gone into crafting a completely non-stock world, with tons of
things in the code re-written from scratch or very heavily modified. We are getting tantalizingly close to
finally opening and I am hoping to draw in some players to start filling in key immortal and player roles
alike. Leaders for the 3 major government clans have been filled, but otherwise many of the top positions
within them are open. There is a very small immortal staff now, with plenty of room for more. This is a
really well crafted game whose potential now rests in the hands of the players, and wish a solid
playerbase, I have little doubt it will soar to great heights. Things are pretty quiet at the moment, but
I'm hoping to start drumming up more of a public interest before listing the game and officially opening.
Consider giving End of Time a try!
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That's port 4000…. not 400.
*bonks Hades_Kane for not spell checking*
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Protip: If you're posting the same thing to every MUD forum….post to one, proofread it, then post to the others. That saves you from having to make the same correction everywhere. :-p
04 Feb, 2013, Hades_Kane wrote in the 5th comment:
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Good thing I'm not a pro then!

Oh, and we're still not "open" yet ;)
04 Feb, 2013, roguewombat wrote in the 6th comment:
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Great news, D. Keep up the good work! :biggrin:
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Sounds great, I am going to stop by and check it out :)
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Seriously, -major- kudos to the staff and contributors to 'End of Time' MUD, with my limited playing around I was thoroughly impressed :) The people were very friendly and helpful too
04 Feb, 2013, Hades_Kane wrote in the 9th comment:
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I'm very pleased you had a good first impression! :)
04 Feb, 2013, Lyanic wrote in the 10th comment:
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Hades_Kane said:
Good thing I'm not a pro then!

Oh, and we're still not "open" yet ;)

It's like you want me to club you over the head repeatedly with a 20d20 Club of Epic Bashing…
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Lyanic said:
Hades_Kane said:
Good thing I'm not a pro then!

Oh, and we're still not "open" yet ;)

It's like you want me to club you over the head repeatedly with a 20d20 Club of Epic Bashing…