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We've added the ability to upgrade equipment using the accexp item command. You can make items attunable, which means they will scale in power to your level, rare, legendary and mythical, which increase the base bonus of an attunable weapon, and durable and unbreakabale for making worn items more resistance to breakable or impossible to break at all.

Added some epic feats: Epic Willpower, Epic Reflexes, Epic Fortitdude, Armor Skin and Fast Healing.

Disarm is now working as intended.

Crafting System should be working better now thanks to Zusuk's rewrites.

Force Training now gives 1 + natural wisdom modifier in force power tokens per rank, minimum of 3 per rank.

Auto Mentor in PvP has been changed to Auto Apprentice. This means low level people scale up to high level people instead of the reverse. This should make for more competitive pvp without the requirement of a level limit, while maintaining the idea that in star wars, no one is invincible (though some people can seem so), and a well placed blaster shot can kill even a master jedi.

Balor finished, added, and rebalanced Mandalore, with zones for levels 1-30, and a nice high level single target hunting zone complete with repeatable quests.

Steady Arm should now work properly for replacing dex in most situations where it is called for.

Lightsabers are now considered 'finesse' weapons which means that you can wield a lightsaber the same size as you and still benefit from weapon finesse. The normal finesse rules state that the item needs to be smaller than you.

Apprentice bonus to base attack will now result in extra attacks.

Apprentice bonus now counts epic levels (but to a lesser degree)

Updated out help file on PVP

Added the shield bracing, triple burst and quadruple burst carbineer feats

Item banks are now fully functional again. They are now character specific instead of account specific.

Updated zabrak and trandoshan racial bonuses. Adjusted their help files respectively.

Character respecs are now free for those who have not yet achieved level 15

Added a simple WoW style auction house in Czerka Space Station. Web site interface coming soon for simplified shopping.

Medic abilities added. Usemedic command added. Medic Training feat added. Works like force training except the ability modifier is intelligence instead. You can research medic abilities as the university on Czerka Space Station

Whirlwind attack no longer works when wielding a ranged weapon.

Epic levels now capped at 70 for a total of 100 levels. Progression beyond level 100 awards account experience.

Level cap of 30 removed from emporiums.

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