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Background Story

You can connect to the MUD at gauntletmud.dyndns.org 4000

Greetings! After some recent staff changes I have taken on the responsibility of head builder at GauntletMUD and would like to announce some openings on our building staff.

GauntletMUD is a young, actively developed PvP MUD running on a modified tbamud codebase. We are aiming to create a completely custom world in a high-fantasy setting.

Some of the highlights are:

  • ACTIVE, involved development

  • 50 mortal levels, 4 Immortal levels

  • At Level 30 players are flagged for PK (Can opt in starting at level 10)

  • Full looting of player corpses allowed, but being a thief comes with penalties…

  • Modified attribute/advancement system, no stathunting

  • Modified skill/spell system

  • Modified combat system with different damage types and corresponding resistances

  • Faction system, allowing reputation to be awarded for quests and other interaction

  • Fully integrated website allowing access to character data and in-game files

This is not all of the features, but rather the completed functionality.

Feature Details:

Modified skill system: Players gain 1 skill point as they level up, which they can then distribute into any skill available to them. Skills will have a maximum level of 3, 5 or 10. Later on it will probably be worked into a "skill tree", and different skills will gain synergies from others.

Combat system: The combat system no longer uses damage dice, but just simple min/max values to create more variance. Calculations for "chance to hit" have been redone and "thac0" has been removed. Saving throws have been removed. Multiple attacks per round have been added.

Damage types: The game will have 5 damage types: Physical, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison. Damage type will be set individually for every weapon and damaging spell. Characters will have appropriate resistances to each damage type.


We currently need builders; No matter how experienced (or not) we would like to talk with you. The map provided in the link at the top of the post is of the middle area of the MUD, and the only (mostly) complete area is the town of Dellwyn on the Enaeth river at the center of the map. The map represents the areas we need to begin building in preparation for an open beta. There is a GREAT DEAL of creative freedom here - as long as an area will fit into the setting and the story chances are that we can work it in. The map is also not set in stone and will be changed as needed.

If you are interested, please send me a PM or log in and send Ripley or Maddy a tell. If I am not there, or if I am AFK, please post to the message board in the welcome area. If you have prior building experience and have an area you would like to share or any other examples of your work, that's even better.

Thanks for reading!