21 Sep, 2011, Parhelion wrote in the 1st comment:
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Accursed Lands fans,

As many of you know, AL suffered a catastrophic hardware failure and has as a result been shut down; AL's owner, Xotl, has retired from the MUDing business and there are no plans to keep the game running.

I have contacted Xotl about the possibility of taking over the IP and the code for Accursed Lands. I would be willing to become financially responsible for operating the game once again, and will arrange for it to have either hosting or will build a physical server for it if need be. I also have the time to put into its running, and would love to see it return to the top of the mud listings.

However, I need your help.

If you want to see AL live again, please contact me as soon as possible and voice your support. If enough people want the game back, Xotl would be willing to transfer responsibility. If you are a previous coder, writer, or staff member from Accursed Lands, I ask that you also contact me; I am also looking for the contacts of old owners who may no longer be active with Accursed Lands' development. With all of your support, we can see this game back on top.


Email: sarahebonner@gmail.com
AIM: lunar parhelion

I'll post a YIM if enough people request it. Please avoid using PMs through forums or post replies unless absolutely necessary – I do not check them as often.