24 Jul, 2011, triskaledia wrote in the 1st comment:
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Currently trying to implement the consecrate code onto my mud, but I don't have add_affect defined anywhere within my code.
I downloaded his Eye of the Cyclops code and have been searching through it for a definition as to what add_affect is, but I haven't found it.
So, I am wondering if someone could tell me where it's found within this code.

Changed add_affect to add_apply and added a snippet for that. Runs clean. Now I have ran into another issue where the obj->weapon_level won't reset to 0.
In db.c I added:
pObjIndex->weapon_level = 0;
:Inside of void load_old_obj (FILE * fp)
obj->weapon_level = 0;
:inside of OBJ_DATA *create_object (OBJ_INDEX_DATA * pObjIndex, int level)

Not sure what I'm doing wrong - also, there is no evidence inside of the snippet that the object level is ever set to start as 0.
When I consecrate the item I get:
Weapon Level: 1077409524, Weapon Points: 0
Weapon Experiance: 0, EXP til next Level: 1500
:So, it appears everything is setting itself right except the weapon level, and that minor typo if experience…
24 Jul, 2011, Kober wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Add_affect is in one of his other snippets http://www.mudbytes.net/index.php?a=past...
26 Jul, 2011, triskaledia wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Reinstalled from the the Consecrate code version 1, and then added 2 in. Not sure if I skipped over something or not, but it works now.

Not sure where add_affect was sopposed to be dropped in, so I just dropped it into fight.c. Hopefully once I get to testing around with artifact equipment it works right. Got a implicit declaration of of it.