16 Dec, 2010, phobos wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello, I've read a couple books and did online tutorials such as xoax as im trying to learn to code. I'm here because it seems i need more then just books more interactive learning. What I'm hoping is I can trade my building experience and large amount of free time in exchange for a coder to teach me. My experience, Rooms, objects, mobs, m'o'r'progs quests and ships. Mostly played and built on SWR muds but I can brush up on any subject to suit coders mud.

If you are interested in seeing that i can do what i say and you are knowledgible and serious about taking some time to teach me I will devote a nice sum of time in aiding the creation and operation of your mud.

PS. please leave way to contact you either by email or mud address and port, Thank you for your time and consideration
17 Dec, 2010, Mudder wrote in the 2nd comment:
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This sounds like a pretty cool offer for any starting MUD that needs staff. Though if no one has taken the bite I would recommend downloading a codebase that hasn't been updated in awhile, running through it and fixing it to compile on an up-to-date compiler. I did that to the ROM codebase when I was first learning to code. Fixing other peoples mistakes or just re-arranging the code in different ways in experimenting is a pretty decent way to get a hang of things.

If you run into problems you can't seem to fix on your own, people here are pretty friendly and willing to help you find the problem. In that way, you essentially have a group of teachers who are happy and willing to help as long as they see you putting effort forward.
17 Dec, 2010, phobos wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Ok, I'd rather a bit more personal teacher…as I said i went threw tutorials with xoan and one or two other online mini books basicly. So im somewhat familiar with basics and how some of it works but its just not clicking. Not sure if I'm just having a problem identifying what parts are what or if its the tutorials being setup to learn for graphic programing….

The softwear i have is Dev-C++ …. Are some codebases easier to work with then others…Is there anything else i need?

Worse case i might just end up taking a data structure course with a local collage since noones biting Thanks for the suggestion though.