28 Nov, 2010, Zen_Clark wrote in the 1st comment:
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I've already posted a similar message on The Mud Connector, but I thought I'd get a different response here then there.

I'm currently working on a mud project that I has been in the works for about a year now. A fair amount of the base theory behind the setting and world has been finished to varying degrees, but I am just now realizing how much time it will take to complete this project with my current schedule.

To make sure that this game keeps going I would like to see about getting a partner to help build and/or code. I'm going for a larger amount of smaller areas, so only around 50 rooms are expected per domain. Right now I have the first area done, and am currently working on the second one.

A few major gameplay features are planned, but building and writing content for the game world is the top priority.

The game is an LPMud using the public domain version of the Dead Souls mudlib, and is set in a completely original world, somewhat inspired by Asian mythology, called Lunvans.

The main code is being hosted in a git repository on Gitorious, but project itself is being hosted by Google Code.
( http://code.google.com/p/lunvansmud/ ).

If anyone reading this wants to look into assisting me with the project, please email me with your questions or comments and I'll do what I can to answer them.

My email address is: tech.angell@gmail.com

I look forward to any and all responses.