13 Oct, 2010, Sil wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'm the coder/owner of a -very- heavily modified Smaug based mud with a lot of work put into it and am looking for builders to get the world off the ground.

I basically set out to make a mud that I would really want to play, doing my best to really address any shortcomings I have seen in anything else I have played, mud or otherwise. I've taken elements from many different places to accommodate different types of players combining mining/forging/hunting/engineering/group quest raiding/rival hq raiding/computer hacking/wilderness survival/extensive pvp/etc.. for a game experience focused on immersion and integrated RP instead of chat RP.

The mud is modern'ish with some futuristic elements such as tech.. based around giving players the freedom to do whatever they want. The theme is open but loosely based on two (for now) rival factions fighting each other. One faction fighting for revolution the other for maintaining the status quo. Within that fight exists players who will fit the roles of many different specialties like hacking/engineering/science/combat of course and much more.

The mud currently supports a unique vehicle system, new fight system, level-less and class-less growth, guns, explosives, injuries and more. Save for the very basics of Smaug the game is barely recognizable as far as gameplay goes.

Currently hosted on genesis muds but there isn't much area wise for you to play with right now so if you are interested in joining the team I can be contacted at:


I'd be happy to show you around a bit so you can decide if you want to stick around and help out.