02 Jul, 2018, wifidi wrote in the 1st comment:
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Merc 2.2 area files are almost identical to Murk++'s. One way to load them as is, is a quick mod to database.cpp after line 245:
// Merc 2.2 Area Compatibility
/* Merc 2.2 reads values between level and sex such as:
* 30 -10 -20 1d1+29999 2d4+30
* 0 -99000
* 8 8 1
* Instead of:
* 30 1
* A way to ignore the numbers in between is:
* "If the last character read is not # or >
* read the rest of the line for nothing
* read the next line for nothing
* read the next two numbers for nothing
* assign the third value as the mobile's sex"
if !(letter == '#' || letter == '>') {
fread_string (fp);
fread_string (fp);
fread_number (fp);
fread_number (fp);
pMobIndex->sex = fread_number (fp);

Tyche nails things down pat so this code is more like "put this in your pipe and smoke it". I'm about to fire up Murk++ with the stock 2.2 areas and run a character around. Merc 2.2 is such a central version, it's going to be worth it. Yeah, I could spend years coding only to fall short of Envy or Greed, or others, though maybe C++ is going to offer something not so easily available in other languages.