03 Aug, 2017, wifidi wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'm looking into Murk++'s code as an example of how a MUD works. It begins in the main function at the bottom of murk.cpp . Main starts listening on a port, initializes a database, loads areas then runs a game loop that repeatedly calls a sequence of functions coded in four files: "descriptor.cpp" manages connections and start screens or sends messages, "character.cpp" interprets commands, "world.cpp" updates areas, and "murk.cpp" calls all updates and updates violence, mobiles, weather, characters, objects, aggression, then extracts dead characters. When the game loop ends, main closes connections and shuts down.

I imagine truly knowing the code is like knowing where to go without having to use a map or GPS. Players only need to know whether they can honestly say a MUD is awesome! I hope to learn what coders need to know. The highest goal I can think of is coding things that get officially included whether with my own code, the equivalent or better. I want to develop a definitive index or analysis that zooms programmers in on what they're trying to accomplish with Murk++. After that, if I only get as far as a "QAD", a quick and dirty ways to implement ideas guide, it still might be effective, instructive or worthwhile.

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