28 Dec, 2016, wifidi wrote in the 1st comment:
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Here's a "T"UI for OLC as screen scroll of what it would look like. It only covers area, room, mobile and objects so far and assumes automatic numbering.

<100hp 100m 100mv>olc
__ creates the area's __:
a info
r rooms
m mobiles
o objects
x exits
t resets
p mobprogs

name author levels
>The Enclave Test 1-10

keyword | description
_i_nside _c_ity _f_ield fo_r_est _h_ills _m_ountain _w_ater _n_oswim _a_ir _d_esert dar_k_ nomo_b_ ind_o_ors _p_rivate saf_e_ solitar_y_ pe_t_shop norecal_l
>A Cave
This blah blah
blah blah,
blah blah.
blah | A boring nothing that is very annoying.
basket | A small basket of woven grass.
i o l

direction description keyword _o_pen _c_losed _u_nlocked _l_ocked key# _n_okey _p_ickable _u_npickable
>n A small wooden door. hatch o u 1001 p

_m_ale _f_emale _n_eutral _g_ood _ne_utral _e_vil _s_entinel _sc_avenger _a_ggressive _st_ayarea _w_impy _p_et _t_rain _pr_actice _b_lind _i_nvisible _de_tectevil _d_etection _d_etect_m_agic _d_etect_h_idden _sa_nctuary _fa_eriefire _i_nfrared _c_urse _po_ison _pro_tect _sn_eak _hid_e _sl_eep _ch_arm _fl_ying _pa_ssdoor level
>a big, nasty rat
rat rodent
A nasty looking rodent scurries along the floor.
A big, nasty creature with strong quill-like hair. It always looks like it's gnawing on something.
m g s a sa sn 20

(type) _l_ight _s_croll _w_and s_t_aff w_e_apon _t_reasure _a_rmor _p_otion _f_urniture t_r_ash _c_ontainer _d_rinkcontainer _k_ey f_o_od _m_oney _b_oat _co_rpse fou_n_tain p_i_ll _da_rkness
(locations) take _fin_ger neck body head legs feet _han_ds arms _shi_eld _abo_ut _wa_ist _wr_ist _wi_eld hold
(status) _h_ours _in_finite _de_ad ma_x_ _cu_rrent _w_eight_c_apacity _cl_oseable _clo_sed _loc_ked _pic_kable key# _cap_acity _cur_rentquantity _wa_ter _poi_soned _ho_ursedible _gp_value
(special) glow hum dark lock evil _inv_is _mag_ic _no_drop _ble_ss _a_nti_g_ood _a_nti_e_vil _an_tineutral _nor_emove _i_nven_t_ory
(apply) str dex int wis con sex class level age height weight mana hp move gold exp ac hitroll damroll saving_para_ saving_rod_ saving_petri_ saving_breath_ saving_spell_
(attack) hit _sli_ce stab _sla_sh whip claw _bla_st _pou_nd _cr_ush grep bite _pi_erce _su_ction
(spells) _ac_idblast _ar_mor _bl_ess _bli_ndness _bu_rninghands _ca_lllightning _c_ausel_i_ght _c_ause_s_erious _c_ause_c_ritical _ch_angesex _cha_rmperson _chi_lltouch _co_lourspray _con_tinuallight _c_ontrol_w_eather _c_reate_f_ood _c_reates_p_ring _c_reate_w_ater c_u_re_b_lindness c_u_re_l_ight c_u_re_s_erious c_u_re_c_ritical c_u_re_p_oison _cu_rse _de_tectevil _d_etect_h_idden _d_etect_i_nvis _d_etect_m_agic _d_etect_p_oison d_i_spel_m_agic d_i_spel_e_vil _e_arthquake _en_chantweapon _e_nergy_d_rain _fi_reball _fl_amestrike _fa_eriefire _f_aerie_f_og fl_y_ _ga_te _ge_neralpurpose _gi_antstrength _ha_rm _he_al _hi_ghexplosive _id_entify _in_fravision i_nv_is _kn_owalignment _li_ghtningbolt _lo_cateobject _ma_gicmissile _m_ass_i_nvis _pa_ssdoor _po_ison _pr_otection _re_fresh _r_emove_c_urse _sa_nctuary _sh_ield _s_hocking_g_rasp _sl_eep _st_oneskin _su_mmon _te_leport _v_entriloquate _we_aken _wo_rdofrecall _a_cid_b_reath _f_ire_b_reath f_r_ost_b_reath _g_as_b_reath _l_ightning_b_reath level
>a wicked scythe
scythe reaper blade
This scythe is so sharp it can cut through diamond.
e take wield dark evil ag nor str 5 sli

Any ideas for resets and mprogs? Thinking about making a web GUI for OLC would make me want to make it so cool that it would be more fun than playing the game. Feel free to implement this if you have time. I'm planning on using and checking a changing prompt to indicate what is being added to memory. An "area to file" function could then write it to disk or email it as an .are .
09 Aug, 2017, wifidi wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I'm thinking of olc as three logical groups: (1) area, room, exit; (2) mobile, object; (3) shop, program. Tighter, more informative "TUIs" for (1) are:

_a_rea _r_oom e_x_it _m_obile _o_bject rese_t_ s_h_op _p_rogram

This area by _author_ is called _name_. It begins with room _number_ and is intended for levels _range_.
>Two The Enclave 900 29-30

This area by Two is called The Enclave. It begins with room 900 and is intended for levels 29-30.

Room _number_ is called _name_.
It's described _sentence. _ … _sentence._
Looking at _word, _ shows the description _sentence._ …
Its attributes are __ __ … among these:
dark norecall forest indoors etc.

An _exit or name_ leads _direction_ to room _number_.
It's described _sentence._
It's _open or closed_ _unlocked or locked_ _pickable or unpickable_ and takes key _number_.

Parentheses could be used in place of blanks, previously completed lines can appear with filled values or other options could be implemented. It looks like a good way to go for basic olc.
12 Aug, 2017, wifidi wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Sorry to post on this again. I'm going to keep it simple and program a changing prompt that cues input similar to:

>help olc
type new a or a, r, x, m, o, t, h or p

This room is called: |
It's described:
The word _ shows the description _ :
dark indoors safe norecall etc.
It's attributes are: |

The pipes above are meant to show cursor position. Description keeps taking and extra descriptions keep prompting until a blank line is entered.