Uploaded: 03 Aug, 2009
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Author: Kline

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ACK!MUD 4.3.1 by Zenithar. GCC4 cleanup by Samson. AckFUSS by Kline.

This is the first new incremental release of the ACK!MUD codebase since 1998. Only minor updates as I am getting SVN properly established, but expect larger changes in further revisions. I will try to stick to a system of ~10 revisions between point releases.

Fixed race_table to properly correlate preferred class order between values
Updated user CPU seconds logging to match the rest of the log.
Default quest item ranges are now correct out of the box.
Removed references of pcdata->index as it seemed to be a duplicate of pcdata->order to hold class orders. Updated the base Creator pfiles along with this.
Fixed a minor color issue in IMC, and hooked it to ACK!MUD monitor system.
Properly re-ordered remorts to better reflect base classes.
Updated the IMC2 client to IMC2 Freedom CL-2.1a.