Uploaded: 05 Jan, 2009
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Author: Quixadhal

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This is an update to the Ice side of the project. For those who haven't followed the forum, or the SVN repository, we've split the project into a C-only legacy side (Ice), and a C++ conversion and expansion side (Fire).

At present, there is no functional difference between the two, as they simply use gcc or g++, respectively. The next chunk of code that is in the works though, will replace most C-style character array buffers with std::string STL buffers.

There will probably be another checkin for this soon. Right now, the OLC code is in place, but it is not fully tested. In fact, you should follow the directions to do an "asave world" and then reboot, as I didn't want to checkin the results of that until I could verify that it didn't break the world files :)

Anyways! I'll try to keep new version showing up here every week or two. Sorry for the delay!