Uploaded: 07 Jan, 2007
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Author: Paul Lettington With Mods by D

Downloads: 83

This is the last Aberchat server if anyone is looking at using the smaug aberchat release, they might also want to gander at the server for aberchat.

Aberchat is very restrictive, and all muds on it must conform, to things like the 'who', if not, it can cause things to get all messy, but anywho, this is the server behind aberchat, its a snapshot of the cvs from 2005.

If someone were to update this and the smaug aberclient it would be half-decent. I'm uploading this so that everyone has a chance to make their own aberserver, and because i'll probobly lose it, and its quite hard to find, the folks who were responsible for this have vanished. So here it is :) because i may be the last smuck with a copy.