Uploaded: 10 Oct, 2006
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Author: LPUniMudlib Team

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This is the 7th release of the LPUniversity Mudlib, version A-0610-R7. This release includes several new features that help bring the LPUniversity Mudlib up to speed and that have been widely requested. LPUniversity Mudlib team would like to thank all those who have assisted in the development and debugging of this release and a special big thanks goes to Parthenon and Tricky.

Major items of interest in this release include news permission system,
mail system, lock down daemon, improved security, better documentation, full intermud support (except for OOB services), login splash screen system, numerous improvements to commands, and much MUCH more (see release documentation and developer journals for complete changelog).

Along with this new release, LPUniversity is proud to announce the opening of their completly new website and new internal structure. LPUNiversity looks forward to developing their education, certification, standards and numerous other projects in the upcoming month.

You can download this new release at http://sourceforge.net/projects/lpuni
For more information of LPUniversity Mudlib and the LPUniversity Foundation, please visit http://lpuni.org

Note: The windows release is delayed but will be released shortly.

To submit bug reports, support requests, feature requests, or patches then please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/lpuni and use the trackers available there.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, bug reports, feature requests, patchs, etc. then feel free to use the sourceforge.net project trackers or e-mail cody.somerville -AT- lpuni.org

Thank you,

LPUniMudlib Team