Uploaded: 18 Jun, 2006
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Author: Hades_Kane

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This is my very first snippet :) An improvement of the stock delete command which normally only requires \'delete\' entered followed by a second \'delete\'. This improvement will change it to \'delete <password>\' as to prevent any accidental deletions (as I and several immortals on my MUD have done time to time) and any possible loopholes with the charm spell, etc. This should be easy to put in, as you change something with the delete command in interp.c and copy/paste the delete command from the file into act_comm.c I\'m sure this would be pretty easy for most, but some newbie coders should appreciate the change.

Updated: Silly me, I realized I had referenced a function specific to our MUD that handles part of the actual deletion that was separate from the deletion function itself. Everything that goes into deleting a character -should- be included in this now.