Uploaded: 29 May, 2006
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Author: Jeremy Elson

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This is the full release of CircleMUD 3.1. It was released November 18, 2002. Beta released can be found in the 'Old-Betas' directory. If you just need an individual file, look in the 'uncompressed' directory. circle-3.1.tar.gz, circle-3.1.bz2, are all the same distribution and have the same contents but are compressed differently. It is a source distribution that compiles under UNIX, Microsoft Windows 95 (and all later versions), the Amiga, OS/2, Acorn RiscOS, and the Macintosh (both MacOS and MacOS X). There is information on how to compile under each of these platforms inside the archive. There are no binaries provided. There are a number of patch files here to bring your release of Circle up to the current relase (patch.plX-plY will upgrade Circle from patchlevel X to patchlevel Y, while patch.pl22-31 will upgrade patchlevel 22 to the full 3.1 release). Use the GNU 'patch' program to apply the patches. See the documentation for 'patch' for more information. – Jeremy Elson ( A full ChangeLog (very lengthly) can be found at this URL.