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Author: Zusuk

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Luminari MUD 1.0

*Built on top of the most recent revision of tbaMUD 3.64
*Updated most recent protocol code released by Kavir
*Intended to replace CWG DOOM (Circle with Goodies)
*Some features from the d20 Codebase by Gicker ported over (random treasure and crafting system)
*Game mechanics heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 / d20

HEAVILY Modified, please visit our website for all the changes from a stock tbaMUD codebase

For support and bug reporting, either visit our MUD at

Or post the issues to the forums at:

Please make sure to post the issues to the d20 forum or we might miss it…

03/29/2013 - Set up GitHub:

Any questions/comments/etc, please email: