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Author: Hades_Kane

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This snippet allows you to generate a randomly created name based on different criteria.

It allows for the option of gender, type of name (standard, fantasy, norse, celtic, or dwarven sounding names), and how many names at a time (up to a maximum of 20, easily changed) to generate.

Included in the snippet are the functions to handle this, including the do_genname command which will output the names.

This should be useful for builders looking to give unique names to their mobs without having to consult an outside random name generator, and would be easily enough adaptable to go into character creation for name ideas for new characters.

Examples of names generated by the snippet:

genname male standard 20
Random Male Names: Tevaf Amaiuil Fatal Ilalam Amairip Elarag Kelaz Tisap Ilalal Etodat Amairam Nokat Okasaf Afarat Irodar Sulaz Tipal Kodal Arcazir Enazin
genname female fantasy 20
Random Female Names: Delina Xora Xola Lasina Faxola Larara Wala Waraera Nalaera Mowala Salaelle Saelle Sasa Welaelle Roro Monina Wenala Wemora Mola Dewala
genname male norse 20
Random Male Names: Todid Ivaturd Odinard Rodig Alateyr Inalat Rodih Alival Anadard Tivag Saev Odaran Eyrodid Haes Ralit Aralan Ralih Ivaheyr Alavar Hivad
genname female celtic 20
Random Female Names: Fiwela Fiwama Yigio Kayama Yora Gala Regela Rekora Kora Lirela Weka Rachio Wemala Naeroka Liwala Gama Lemela Dorama Naelela Kala
genname male dwarven 20
Random Male Names: Ekefak Ronor Uriket Rakay Uganek Asugak Refat Ugakas Asugay Eturin Uritas Urinet Urugak Urirek Nefak Kurin Konot Urarar Urarak Akarur

No credit is required for use of this snippet, but is always appreciated, just leave the single line of commented credits in place above the main function. The code was originally written by plamzi of Bedlam, but adapted for this use along with the different options and types by Diablos of/for End of Time.